Lords Mobile: War Kingdom

Lords Mobile: War Kingdom


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-03-31
  • Current Version: 1.77
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 380.58 MB
  • Developer: IGG.COM
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 4,943 Reviews)
  • Price:
Lords Mobile: War Kingdom App Ratings: 4
Total 4,943 Reviews

Lords Mobile: War Kingdom App Description

The empire is no more. Peace has been shattered by the ambition and greed of Lords seeking power. The world has split into factions and Guilds, and Monsters and Darknests are appearing more and more frequently. A war is starting, and the time for powerful heroes has come... Restore the balance of power by creating the biggest empire ever! Recruit warriors, soldiers, and heroes, forge alliances, conquer and expand your territory, win epic battles, and become the world's greatest warlord in this strategy RPG! A new world order is needed to re-establish peace! Explore LORDS MOBILE and its exotic magical lands thrown into war and chaos by terrifying monsters and powerful enemies. Choose your favorite battle hero, recruit combat troops, and fight and conquer fearlessly in a war of epic dimensions! An Open-World RPG Multiplayer Game: Build and Conquer to Create a Mighty Empire Explore, conquer, and clash in the arena with other players in this MMO game! Join a guild and play with millions of players in an open world, on mobile! Defend your Territory Secure your troops and heroes, survive against opponents, and defend your empire's castle at all costs. A perfect war strategy requires an invulnerable defense! Find Friends Fight and counterattack with your kingdom's army allies, and ride into war together as a guild against enemies in an endless fantasy MMORPG! Rule as the Emperor Claim the throne in a MMO battle royale for the kingdom! Will your legacy as a conqueror be just or cruel? Powerful Heroes Recruit and upgrade heroes with unique skills for the battle arena! Let them lead, attack, and conquer enemy kingdoms, or group them into teams to complete an RPG-style campaign! Master Your War Strategy Plan your tactics for the clash! Plan your troop lineups, perfect your strategy, and counterattack! Discover the best strategies to defeat enemy warlords in this mobile RPG MMO! Epic Multiplayer Battles: Different Types of Troops Lead your warriors and soldiers as a king-emperor in these clan wars! Carefully choose your troop types before going into battle: infantry, ranged, cavalry, siege, or a mix! Switch Kingdoms Establish your empire on new lands by moving to any server you choose with a simple tap in this combat MMORPG! Choose Your Battle Path: Fight or Trade Create an economic empire based on trade, treasures, and alliances with friends, or become an offensive player and attack and conquer enemy kingdoms? Will you liberate prisoners of war? Or will your army and kingdom crumble to dust? This online multiplayer village builder game is all about planning your battle tactics and warfare strategy! No kingdom can stand in your way in this RPG! Wage war with your allies in multiplayer RPG LORDS MOBILE. Attack and conquer enemy warlords' territories, plan your combat strategy with your hero, and build a great empire. Fight against enemies' legendary monsters, warriors, and soldiers! Achieve victory using different clash tactics! Your kingdom awaits. Are you ready for the MMORPG showdown challenge? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LordsMobile


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App Reviews

  • Excellent Game

    By BrooklinMojo
    Great game for those who enjoy meeting new people and developing their turf over a long period of time (1+ years). Gets tedious over long “research” and “construction” projects. Largest drawback is the Asian dominance. If you’re not Chinese, you’ll never see the top of the food chain here.
  • Love the game

    By monster leagends rules
    My whole family plays it and is addicted to it. 5 stars
  • Was a good game

    By Quickclick
    I started my own guild after being screwed by my other. Lords after 7 days they gave me an ultimatum to get 11 players or lose the guild I had 5 and had others coming. Now the guild has been removed even thou the Asian gamers are allowed 1. Time to leave this game. I do not spend a lot but enough.
  • Lords mobile

    By FuKiTuPtEaM tonyshoota
    Thank you for this game. I’ve never sticked up with Apple store games i always download couple play them for like a month and then end up getting bored of it. But I’ve been playing lords mobile for almost a year and still love it. #lordsmobileisalegend
  • Racist against anyone who isn’t Chinese

    By Ferron52
    Game is fun, but can be expensive beyond belief if you decide to buy stuff. IGG has made it so Chinese get the best deals on any of the packs they sell, so they have an unfair advantage over any other country, and rates from one country to another is out of whack. They will take the Chinese Yuan price of the item and covert to US dollars and add a few dollars to that. The they will use the US dollar price and convert that for other countries. So US has the second best prices. Play for free, and don’t spend your money. Guild play with chat, and you meet so great people within the game (some not so great as well, but you can just kick them out).
  • Best to look elsewhere

    By AppleSauze
    I played this game for quite a while, maybe 4 or 5 months when it was a relatively newer game. I was leader of an active guild with members world wide, and played enough to form this opinion. I really enjoyed it at first but realized it for the trap it really is and how toxic the community is and how severely addicting it is. Totally Pay to win in every aspect. The skins for your castle go up to over $100, and there are tons of ridiculously priced items. it creates the illusion of “almost” not being pay to win but don’t be fooled. You’ll be falsely rewarded for your grinding and eventually realize it’s going no where. If you can get passed the micro transactions and content bundles being shoved in your face every 30 seconds you’ll find over crowded servers with players that do nothing but waste money to be stronger and cut construction times or players that build everywhere and become inactive and take up space. There is no way to ever become decently strong in a server because you are up against guys that have spent $75,000 in game or more to get where they are. Unless you want to spend $1000 a week (no joke, there are players that spend more than that. I had a member in my guild that would easily spend up to $1000 a week as well). If you want to play have fun being walked over and wasting INSANE amounts of time once you rank up enough. You’ll have waiting times lasting days and days just to upgrade a single building. upgrading over and over for nothing except to be raided constantly by alphas. The only good thing I can think of is the PvP arena was mildly entertaining and the chapter quests were fun to progress through as well but were easy to finish and progressed through fairly quick. Not worth it IMO, there are so many other, better games out there. Do not give this cash grab of a game your time or your soul.
  • Greedy company and not reliable

    By imcamz
    No compassion to customers. Poor customer service. This company will get your money and when you need them for help they will just ignore you and will turn around the table against you. Look for better games out there with reliable company. Igg sucks and you can’t trust them to help you and solve your issues. Do yourself a favour and Download better games from better companies. Avoid any igg games they will just rip you off and run away.
  • Sweet

    By shadoweolf662
    Love the game
  • Awesome

    By Petertka
    Super fun !! Crazy addictive game
  • Game is horribly balanced

    By MetalSurfer316
    Besides the fact that you will get attacked and pillaged constantly by people 10x your size because they spend a lot of money on the game, the combat is horribly unbalanced. There is no way to mount a proper defense. Yesterday I got attacked by someone with 200k troops. I killed 300, he killed 70k. I’m not saying I should have won, but I should have been able to do more damage. My wall was at 100% with 50k defenses. Also, attack times are very quick.. enemies can teleport right next to your castle and attack. I received a notification on my phone, opened it right away and put up a shield but was too late. This game is extremely frustrating to play. The game publisher only cares about the $$ and not trying to develop a long term fun to play game.