Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG

Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG

By Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-11
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 253.69 MB
  • Developer: Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 5,709 Reviews)
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Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG App Ratings: 4.5
Total 5,709 Reviews

Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG App Description

Take on epic RPG battles in this fantasy world with stunning 3D graphics! Journey to collect keys and summon over 150 heroes! Battle mighty bosses and clash with other players in weekly PvP tournaments. Defend your Kingdom from the eternal army of the Mirror as they lay siege to your world! Prove your might! Summon & collect new characters and take them to battle. Enter the arena and PvP against other player’s cities. Use mighty guardian heroes to soak up damage while your mages cast awesome magic spells! Join a Guild and level up your own guild titan for extra power! The Dark Moon is rising! Rally your heroes to war against gods, monsters and heroes. Weekly events with new heroes, Dungeons and Invasions. Bring eternal glory to your Kingdom through victory in the Arena. Summon and collect legendary heroes, elves and monsters in this EPIC RPG! Every hero has their story. Collect them all and unleash their power as you journey to victory! ************************************************************************************ ▶ [150+ HEROES TO COLLECT!] Cursed elves, warrior bears, bandits and monsters! New heroes added regularly. Legendary, Epic and Rare heroes from 5 elements to summon! Dark, Gaea, Wyld, Mirror and Elemental! ▶ [GUILD TITANS] Join a Guild and power up your Titan together! Choose your own Titan from 5 choices. Join in weekend events to take your Guild to the top of the leaderboards. ▶ [WEEKLY PVP BRAWLS + SEASONS] Fight through weekly tournaments with rivals in the Arena. Defeat enemy Heroes for prizes! Every 4 weeks is a Season, with limited-time Heroes and pets! ▶ [DRAFT DUNGEON] Choose your destiny and use all your heroes to reach the bottom of this nearly-endless dungeon! ▶ [PETS AND POTIONS] Customize your heroes with their own pets! ▶ [AND MUCH MORE!] Complete daily quests, build your collection and dive into the epic backstory of LIONHEART: DARK MOON. ************************************************************************************ A network connection is required to play. Visit our website @ Contact us @


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Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG App Reviews

  • Money Scam

    By Illwill112
    This game is strictly pay to win. While it looks good it’s poorly made. This game slams you into a wall pretty early on. I won’t even talk about pvp. They purposely always put you against players who are higher level than you. I wanted to test it out and purposely lost all trophies. I figured I would be matched with people lower than me I was still paired against players with higher team levels than me. I started a new account and even still with starting team I was paired against players higher than me. Game forced me to keep using gold (which is hard to come by) to refill in order to get players that had team scores closer to my own. I have seen some p2w game that I still enjoyed playing but this game is its devs are the worst.
  • Game is so broken

    By Slicknutters
    Vanish is a joke. You can sit there and attack an opponent that has vanish 50 times and never touch them. Then your vanish pops, and is dead the next turn. Same thing with tangle. Tangle never works in your favor. Then the enemy tangles your whole team. The whole system is whack. On top of that, the game is always broken in terms of what works. Glitches every where, and they don’t give out anything to say hey sorry we’re terrible at programming. Then when a glitch works in your favor, and you get something you weren’t supposed to, they delete all your tokens. Unreal.
  • Developers only care about money

    By OnEMesSduPKiD
    This game has great foundations; nice graphics, well thought out skills, and fun combat. But it quickly becomes evident that this game is all about milking players for cash. Bug fixes take an unacceptable amount of time to fix, including game breaking bugs. Special events are recycled and reused so that you keep getting character tokens for the same few characters over and over again. The main component of the game is simulating battles once per day to get one character token, in the hopes that you get enough to rank up your character before the rewards are cycled (which is random). You simulate and simulate until your characters are strong enough to complete another mission in the story, and then simulate some more until they can complete the next mission. There’s something painfully boring about a game that, after playing for more than a year, I still haven’t come close to finishing the story because I’m blocked by significant power gaps. As if this wasn’t enough, there is a unique (to my experience) method to unlocking characters in this game, where you can not unlock them by merely grinding their tokens. If you collect say 100 tokens and it only requires 10 for the first rank, there is no way to use the tokens to unlock the character. You either need to unlock the character with a chest that can be opened with keys, or purchase the character with money. The keys are tiered and the better characters can only be unlocked by keys that you rarely get and that almost never yield characters better than the minimum rarity. This means that for the best characters in the game you are forced to spend money to unlock them - $99.99 in most cases for a stage 1 legendary. This gives you the character and sometimes ten shards. It costs around 350+ shards to max each character. For the very best characters that define PVP, there is literally no other way to unlock them than to pay for them when they rarely are available. The developers will open a 12 hour or less window once every few months where they make these highly sought after characters available, causing you to panic and considering purchasing them since you won’t know when they’ll be back and will have no other way to unlock them. Spending $100 at a time when these characters become available is the only way to be competitive in this game. To add insult to injury, the developers couldn’t care less about adding real content. Up until the release of their “raids”, which are poorly designed and centered around guilds, which are completely broken in their current state, their updates consisted of weekly packs and semi-regular character releases and new packs centered around them. All of this for the variable price of $10-100. This game is a complete joke. It was fun at first, but even in the highly profit-hungry world of freemium games, these developers set the bar even higher. Their greed is alarming and appalling. Don’t download this travesty of a game.
  • Step one: Pay to Win

    By Joe Castaldo
    Despite the graphics and easy to learn tutorial, the game will hit the inevitable pay wall. The story mode will get to a point where you can no longer advance without upgrading heroes or getting better ones. The upgrade process is long and arduous as the cost to improve skills is in the thousands, and it takes a while to attain that much gold by replaying the lower levels over and over and over. You are limited to loot by collecting loot tokens, which replenishes over time, and this extends the length of time to farm gold and hero tokens (needed to advance grade of the hero). Of course you can bypass the wall by opening up your wallet to purchase gold and loot tokens but the ratio of product to cost is horrible. Bottom line; it is yet just another run of the mill turn-by-turn game where you get stalled for a long period of time unless you open up your wallet. Alliances:Heroes of the Spire offers much better chances to attain end game Mythic heroes without the pain of collecting tokens and small grabs of gold to do it and has a very active global and guild chat. If you dont mind a long, limited looting game with a modest social community witn your guild, then Lionheart will suffice, but I recommend you look elsewhere.
  • Good game I think

    By Sandwatcher
    I can’t ever get the game to load correctly. Then when it finically does, some stupid glitch happens then I have to reinstall the game to get past it.
  • I lose connection too much

    By swiftkickyo
    This game would be a lot more fun if I could actually play it.. every time I win an arena battle or do a quick loot I get disconnected from the server and I do not get rewards. Super frustrating. Most of the time it takes me 5 minutes just to get logged on. I know it’s not my WiFi, because I can play other games with no issues.. please fix!
  • that game has problem

    By Luchiaini
    In one minute pops out 3 times connection issue. That game was fun. But the server is sick as hell.
  • Poor connection

    By Pinhead9860
    This games seems to have a lot of potential. Apparently they had some issues at launch but I don’t care about those cause I didn’t play then and the issues I’ve read about aren’t there anymore. The biggest problem I’m encountering is the loading time/connectivity issues. Often I can’t even get into the game because it can’t connect to the servers and this is when I’m on my 300meg WiFi or have full bars and LTE. Then once I finally get into the game it will randomly crash. Gotta fix your servers devs.
  • Crashing every 5 minutes

    By Think1111
    The gameplay is great but the game has been crashing an insane amount hard to play you need to fix this.
  • Bad clone that’s worse than who they’re cloning

    By Mmkoreanbbq
    I don’t know what the most highly rated reviews are smoking. This clone is worse than all the top games. At the very least make your game as good as them, if not better. Need a lot of UI improvements (e.g. less clicking), and some design choices are just baffling, e.g. a ticket system where you’re limited to 5 an hour or whatever, not being able to get loot once you pass a stage even though you didn’t collect hero pieces. Heroes aren’t balanced at all; take a look at the rare Druid and see how OP it is. This game also isn’t generous comparatively, so why should I play a bad clone?