Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game


  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-10-09
  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 10.67 MB
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 18,755 Reviews)
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Prodigy Math Game App Ratings: 4.5
Total 18,755 Reviews

Prodigy Math Game App Description

Join over 15 million teachers and students already using Prodigy to learn math for free! With over 900 crucial math skills for Grades 1 - 8, Prodigy is the perfect game for mastering mathematics both at home and at school. All educational content in Prodigy is free, and will stay free forever! We only make money through a completely optional game upgrade, which only unlocks some extra content. Aside from being the world's most engaging math game, Prodigy also has these great features, all of which are available for free: 1. Full alignment with key curricula (e.g., Common Core, Ontario, TEKS, MAFS) 2. Automatic assessment in-game for all students to place them in the correct grade 3. 24/7 Real-time reporting 4. Embedded in-game formative, diagnostic, and summative assessments. Each grade covers key mathematics topics that all students must master: Grade 1 math: comparing numbers, addition to 20, counting, mixed operations, composing numbers, subtraction to 20, 2D shapes, data relationships, place value, addition to 100, ordering numbers, reading numbers, fractions, time, rounding, patterning, subtraction to 100. Grade 2 math: data relationships, counting, subtraction to 100, addition to 1000, mixed operations, addition to 100, money, subtraction to 1000, 2D shapes, reading numbers, addition to 20, place value, subtraction to 20, comparing numbers, composing numbers, conversion, time, rounding, geometry. Grade 3 math: multiplication, patterning, division, data relationships, fractions: equivalent, multiplication facts, mixed operations, fractions: represent, 2D shapes, fractions: comparing, division facts, measurement, subtraction to 1000, addition to 1000, rounding, conversion, time, area. Grade 4 math: fractions: addition and subtraction, patterning, conversion, place value, mixed operations, division, addition to 1000, multiplication, rounding, measurement, fractions: equivalent, subtraction to 1000, data relationships, 2D shapes, fractions: comparing, fractions and decimals, decimals: comparing, factors, addition to 1000000, multiplying fractions, adding to 100, subtracting to 100, money, reading numbers, subtraction to 1,000,000, representing fractions, angles, representing decimals, time. Grade 5 math: unit conversion, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplication, multiplying fractions, data relationships, dividing fractions, multiplying decimals, pattern rules, adding decimals, 3-digit division, 2d shapes: sides vertices and angles, decimals: place value, mixed operations, comparing fractions, comparing decimals, division: decimals, decimals: mixed operations, numerical expressions, 3D shapes: volume, place value, measurement, representing decimals, expressions and equations. Grade 6 math: proportional relationships, expressions and equations, 3D shapes, adding decimals, variables, expressions, and equations, geometry, division, subtracting decimals to thousandths, ratios, dividing fractions, reciprocals, comparing rational numbers, evaluating exponents, data relationships, multiplying decimals to thousandths, unit rates, exponent rules, factors and multiples, dividing decimal numbers to tenths, mixed operations with decimals, addition, multiplication, measurement. Grade 7 math: proportional relationships, probability, multiplying and dividing rational numbers, ratios, data relationships, adding and subtracting rational numbers, variables, expressions, and equations, unit rates, 2D shapes, linear expressions, representing rational numbers, geometry, 3D shapes, rational numbers: mixed operations, integers Grade 8 math: geometry, linear expressions, expressions and equations, functions, evaluating exponents, exponent rules, scientific notation, data relationships, Pythagorean theorem, irrational numbers, unit rates, angles, statistics, 3D shapes, radicals, variables, expressions, and equations. For a complete breakdown of all 900+ skills, please visit


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Prodigy Math Game App Reviews

  • Prodigy

    By DouglasGina
    Its so good
  • Not being a member

    By Csimmo54
    Ok so I logged on and I was in a battle my pet evolved and it said that only members could evolve their pets.Even though I LOVE prodigy it is just unfair that the members get to do everything I mean everything.Every body that is not a member doesn’t get to do anything cool.🦄you have to be a member to do all the things that are cool. there should be no such thing as member in this game because it's just unfair and I mean UNFAIR.And also I was just climbing the dark tower it glitched and it said “only members can do this and all the cool stuff “and are you just going to narrow it down to make it only members can play...people who made prodigy idk let’s find out ......... if you’re not a member don’t even bother about playing (DON’T) 😠thx for reading ps: it is all about members
  • Amazing FREE Game!

    By Andrek79
    This is an amazing game that really helps kids learn where they are struggling to learn new concepts. I have all of my children who understand counting playing this game & every one of them have the game adapt to their current understanding of mathematics. My only suggestion would be to allow families in a single household to do a group purchase option for $149 yearly that would cover all the family members in the home. I would love to financially support this game, but with lots of children it simply doesn't line up with budgeting & unfortunately simply picking one or two children to be upgraded doesn't go over so well with siblings. Fantastic work guys!
  • Love Ittttttt

    By RubyFighter1Rocks
    I love this game sooo much I can not stop playing,So much to do to see.I am Friends with my sister.Even Drina kept on playing.Love this game and nothing cane make me hate it
  • Ur game is awesome

    By ur game is extremely fun
    It’s so fun to play and it helps a lot
  • Amazing!!!!😍

    By Great!!!😊
    It is great and my child LOVES it!!!😘
  • It’s great

    By smartypanks
    It’s so cool
  • 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿prodigy😇😇😇😇

    By Zayriah
    It I s very helpful for other children like me they can learn there addition multiplication division subtract everything that they need to learn so when they go to school they can already no and have in brain🏠😇😇
  • I love this game!

    By unicornē
    This game is so awesome and I really recommend it. If your child is having trouble with there math skills, ask your teacher / parent if they can install or make a password for the game.So he/she can have fun and learn new math skills!
  • Glitches in prodigy

    By Icnbaw
    The game has a fun and then it’s cool😁. But there are glitches and for me like I can’t get the letter to the academy I have Scorsese’s and they have told me how to get it and I did that but I never got the letter.😢 So I am asking the prodigy o nerd to do a download to give the people like me the academy and I am level 95. So please do a bug fix.🙏