Learn That Song (REMIX Edition) — Slow down music, change the key, and loop [previously iLift]

Learn That Song (REMIX Edition) — Slow down music, change the key, and loop [previously iLift]

By rCreativ

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2014-08-12
  • Current Version: 2.6.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 3.68 MB
  • Developer: rCreativ
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 75 Reviews)
  • Price:
Learn That Song (REMIX Edition) — Slow down music, change the key, and loop [previously iLift] App Ratings: 4
Total 75 Reviews

Learn That Song (REMIX Edition) — Slow down music, change the key, and loop [previously iLift] App Description

"Play music by ear" Learn That Song (REMIX Edition) is a musical assistant that helps you learn to play your favourite songs. It can change the speed (without changing the pitch), put the music in a comfortable range, loop parts of a song, display a waveform, and rewind or fast forward like a tape player. Use your ears to learn jazz solos, fiddle tunes, math rock, indigenous music, classical pieces, Lady Gaga… Whatever grooves you, this app will help you develop your listening ability. * * * FEATURES * * * 1. Your speed, your key. Whether it's too fast, slow, high, or low, the speed and pitch modules can adapt the music to your preference. You can even change the tempo without altering the pitch. 2. See and scroll. A fluid, scrollable waveform allows you to quickly and visually access different areas of the song. No need to pinch and zoom to go back and forth between large and small scales because both are visible simultaneously. 3. Tapedeck-style playback. Say goodbye to accidentally pressing the 'rewind' button and losing your place in the song. You probably want to go back 'just a bit', so that's what the rewind button does: tap to jump back two seconds; hold to seek backwards. 4. Play that again, and again, and again, and… Create a loop and set in and out points by tapping the buttons or dragging the sliders. With unlimited loops, you can have one for intro, verse, chorus, solo, head, coda… 5. To the left, to the right. To save time, you can set a loop to the correct number of bars and then just shift to the left or right. This lets you practice in musical sections without re-creating the same loop several times. 6. Play it in twelve keys. Use the trainer module to learn a section of music by cycling through different keys, automatically or manually. Five transposition schemes give you a variety of approaches depending on the music. 7. Über comfort. The playback buttons are large and positioned in a way that natural for your hands. You can play, pause, and rewind without looking at the screen. 8. ALL THE TAGS. You can finally see all of the musical metadata without truncation, including the title, artist, album, composer, and release date. * * * TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS * * * • Slow down to 25% of original speed and speed up to 200% without changing the pitch • Adjust key by up to 12 semitones up and down • Adjust fine tuning for out of tune recordings or instruments • Adjust panning for recordings with instruments in one channel • Train in multiple keys / transpositions automatically • Loop sections or the entire song • Save unlimited loops • Loop in the background while using other apps • Loop in the background while device is locked / asleep • See and scroll waveform of song • Rewind and fast forward like a tape player • View metadata (Title, Artist, Album, etc…) without truncation • Play songs from the Music app • Play songs from Dropbox, Mail, Airdrop, and other apps • Play songs from iTunes File Sharing / Drag and Drop • Play MP3, Unprotected AAC / M4A, AIFF, and WAV files • Stream songs via AirPlay • No file management required: works with any song in the Music app • VoiceOver support • No complicated instructions • Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch * * * SUPPORT/FEEDBACK * * * From within the app, tap the question mark icon, then select 'Send Feedback'. * * * QUOTES * * * "this app keeps me on my A game. I have all of the songs we play on my iPod […] I load it up on this bad boy and work it out until I land it. I love this app and it will always be on page one" "allows me to spend the least amount of time touching my iPad and the most time actually picking up notes and wrtiting them down on my sheet. I'm already transcribing my third song and it's really quite fun" "What an excellent program, at a good price and so simple to use, just what was needed for the iPad, now I can transcribe my music anywhere without being tied to a computer, thanks!"


Learn That Song (REMIX Edition) — Slow down music, change the key, and loop [previously iLift] App Screenshots

Learn That Song (REMIX Edition) — Slow down music, change the key, and loop [previously iLift] App Reviews

  • Love it

    By MasterKhem
    Fun to use. Even if You don't play music. You can speed and slow a song and just listen to how it would sound in different keys. All smiles, here.
  • Does not work with Apple Music

    By seamus the wise
    Nowhere in the description does it say that the app does not work with Apple Music. They could have easily made this explicit. In fact, the description suggests quite the opposite as it says “works with any file in the music app” No, it does not.
  • Another paid rehash of iLift, Interface barely usable

    By Pearldrummer992
    I used iLift (from the same developer) for a couple years before buying this. It worked well, and had almost identical functionality to this. iLift has since stopped working as the dev hasn’t updated it, so I begrudgingly bought their new bundle that includes this one. Not only is it a rehash of the same app renamed to force another purchase, but the interface is slow and jumpy to the point that navigating the waveform is useless. Button presses take a few seconds to respond, which is painful in an app meant to provide fine control over music playback. Fix this or bring back iLift.
  • Great functionality hurt by file selection.

    By Zorilla556$
    It does a great job with its core functionality. I took off 1 star because it lacks the ability to browse cloud services. The Loopman app can do this, so it’s not some kind of platform restriction. You have to basically export out of the cloud service to get songs in.
  • Doesn’t work

    By hhajek
    What good is the app if it can’t work with the songs you have on Apple Music? Won’t work on all 352 songs that I have on my phone and can’t find where to get a refund.
  • Reviewers with an IQ = 5

    By Paul st
    I completely agree with the devs, nothing in there description says anything about Apple Music, they must be the type of person who drives in the left lane on the highway going the speed limit - just a complete moron. This app is so versatile, it's a great feature where you can change the start and end points of your loop on the fly. After trying 4 other apps similar, 2 of which don't exist anymore (after OS11); this is the first one that still plays if you lock your phone, or still plays in the background if you activate a different app. Just as a note; I am unfamiliar at how Apple indexes searches in the app store or if you are even able to manipulate it -- I don't really use this for musician purposes, therefore wouldnt really search this app using any musician terms, I happen to find this app only by using Google and not in the app store with the term 'song loop'
  • Wont access Apple Music

    By D**red**
    I subscribe to the full boat Apple Music. Don’t carry much music on my phone and generally stream my library (think that happened originally when I did iTunes Match). So I downloaded hotel California and gave this app access to my music as I saw instructed in other reviews. When I try to access the downloaded song via the app I get an file protected error. This is a track that I had purchased from Apple Music prior to iTunes Match and now the Apple Music full subscription. The way Apple Music protects its contents if you are a streaming customer with available downloads is not compatible with this app from my experience. Think if you are someone with a lot of mp3s that you have not allowed to get sucked up into the Apple Music vacuum of protected content which is too complicated for me to understand it might work for you. Unfortunately I have indeed been sucked (or suckered!) in already so I don’t think it will work for me.
  • Doesn’t work with Apple Music.

    By Lp1876
    Doesn’t work with Apple Music.

    By ivykb
    Anytime I try to go upload a song from my music, the only thing it is bringing up are my downloaded podcasts...???... It doesn’t matter which tab I click (songs, albums, artists, playlists), it won’t show any music to choose from. I paid $5 for this app thinking it was an upgraded iLift... App Developed, please help.
  • Not happy

    By cntryldy52
    Not as good as iLift. Can’t get my songs like I had on my iLift from my mp3 folder via WiFi. Or from my Dropbox. Wasted my money getting this.