TomTom GO Navigation

TomTom GO Navigation

By TomTom

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2016-03-14
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 405.65 MB
  • Developer: TomTom
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    2.5/5 ( 871 Reviews)
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TomTom GO Navigation App Ratings: 2.5
Total 871 Reviews

TomTom GO Navigation App Description

Offline Navigation, Online Experience Stay updated: - Maps À La Carte: Save mobile data with offline maps. The app's maps are customizable, based on what you need and when - you decide! - Weekly Map Updates: Helping you steer clear of blocked roads and stay within speed limits, even when you are offline. - Moving Lane Guidance: End the guesswork and the indecision - know what lane is yours for junctions and exits with Moving Lane Guidance. Stay Connected: - TomTom Traffic: Avoid real-time traffic with intelligent routes* - Speed Camera Warnings: Helping you drive safer and hassle-free with average speed alerts and warnings for fixed and mobile speed cameras.* - Online search: Your go-to destinations as well as popular attractions and essential POIs are stored on the app. Once connected, you can search TomTom's catalogue of destinations.* - Share ETA - Share your estimated time of arrival with coworkers, friends, and family via the messaging platform of your choice. Drive safely and simply: - Points of Interest: Search and find destinations, scenic areas, and attractions on the way and when you arrive to your destination. - Alternative routes: See ways around traffic congestion backed by precise distance and time calculations - Drive to Photo: Remember the name of that place?! If you geotagged the photos you took there, the app will take you there! - Drive to Contacts: Get easier route planning to the people you know, with the contacts stored on your phone. - Ad Free: Avoid annoying ads for the most efficient journey, without interruption. MAPS Get customizable maps for countries, regions, and attractions in 150 countries, all updated weekly, for a simpler drive. Disclaimers: * Check for availability per country. Services require a mobile phone connection. Your operator may charge you for the data used and costs may be significantly higher when used abroad. * These services require a mobile phone connection. Your operator may charge you for the data used and costs may be significantly higher when used abroad. On average TomTom Services uses less then 10MB per month. Check for availability per country. The question of the legality of services to warn for speed cameras is not clear in Germany. You therefore use this service at your own risk. TomTom does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of use of the service in Germany. For more information please go to ** Data storage constraints may apply. Download 4 or more full updates of any installed map per year. You need a WiFi or cellular data connection to download new maps and updates. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. TomTom reserves its right to unilaterally withdraw and/or to amend this offer and/or to amend the terms and conditions. Apple CarPlay is a property of Apple LLC. Offer limited to one free trial period per user. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. At the end of the trial period, your subscription will be charged at the advertised price unless you cancel it at least 24-hours in advance. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renew at least-24 hours prior to the end of the current billing period. Payments will be charged to your iTunes account. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off the auto-renewal at any time on the App Store account management page. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


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TomTom GO Navigation App Reviews

  • Driving with a crazy person

    By J-K-ee
    1. It takes you off exits to only get right back on the same highway for no reasons. 2. Avoid carpool lanes is turned “on” in settings, yet it always navigates to carpool lanes. 3. Avoid toll roads is turned “off” in settings, yet every time the app reroutes, recalculates, or updates, a banner pops up that blocks a 1/4 of the screen that reads: “includes toll roads - change”. If you press the banner, it brings you to the settings screen where I’ve already set it to not avoid toll roads. 4. Traffic information is wrong, inaccurate, and unreliable. This app version no longer looks out far enough into the route to avoid traffic. It brings you too close to traffic situations to a point that it can’t reroute. So it actually brings you to the traffic rather than be smart enough much more ahead of time to avoid it. Many times the map will show traffic when there isn’t, and show no traffic when there is. 5. ETA is no longer reliable because of routing issues. The previous version was amazing. This version is annoyingly defective. Please update with fixes. Update: No developer response, skipped right over my review of issues and concerns.
  • Maps per state, seriously?

    By Guillaume L. - NY
    I’ve been a TomTom user for over 15 years and have always been a strong supporter of what I believed was their technological superiority to all others especially new comers like Waze. I have enjoyed many times the fact that the maps were stored in my phone, allowing me to drive in all safety even when reception gets sketchy, which basically no other iPhone competitors can provide. I’ve even been supportive of their business model pivot when they decided to switch to subscription based, knowing fully all the advantages of having permanent traffic updates and worldwide maps all bundled together. I found their offer of 3 years of subscription very fair in compensation for the app I had paid $100 a few years ago, being aware of the benefits of such system. I however must say that I was baffled by this update that included Maps per State. Living in NY, where you very often cross state line unknowingly, this makes absolutely zero sense. I wanted to go to Boston, so I downloaded NY and MA maps, and was surprised by the travel time calculated by the app - only to realize I had to download also CT for the app to be able to calculate a route through that state instead of around !! No prompt, no suggestion, no nothing. Had I not known roughly the distance between the 2 cities I would have followed blindly the direction and would have followed a - literally - dumb route. I then tested a few situations to make sure it was not me being stupid. If you want to go to Philadelphia, you have to download first the map of PA before you can even start searching for the city - without the map, the app just tells you that Philadelphia does not exist. If you’re visiting friends in Kansas City, I hope for you they’re not in MO - otherwise you’ll be in trouble picking up your rental at the airport that’s in KS ! And I’m not even talking about foreigners using the app exactly because the promise is maps are preloaded and don’t need a local phone plan - unless you have to cross a state line! This is beyond absurd, and I’m finding myself in the most stupid situation where I have to establish my route beforehand using a third party app and then make sure all states are downloaded before I can start pre setting my route in Go. I can no longer trust the app to find the best route - if the app can find a route at all, that is. ***EDIT***Response to developers response I’m not sure exactly what you expect from me regarding that support link you put in your response. If you want me to restate what I stated above I’m sure you can copy and paste my comment in your ticket software. Besides, I litteraly can’t get past the faq section of that page to get to the message section. Not only am I unsure on where to click as your website is designed to make sure people read all the faq before they talk to you, but also I’m violently prompted at every click by an extremely annoying pop in that demands my feedback. On mobile, I can’t even go past it and find myself stuck in the middle of my navigation. It looks like it’s the same guy who designed your website that designed the new version of the app ...
  • Useless!

    By Bradd1979
    Destination arrivals on wrong side of streets. Street names doesn’t show like garmin portable GPS and other navigation apps does
  • Update: seems like we aren't getting warning sounds when set to spoken or just alert.

    By Unlimitedsoundsdj
    This new version has a lot of issues. Nice to have Carplay, but you can't search fun the Carplay screen. Only the phone. Plus the phone screen mirors Carplay and it shouldn't. Waze shows text even connected to Carplay. Also can't see traffic so you know what's coming up. Carplay screen is hard to read. Text small. Colors bad. Also when searching for a specific place on tht map that every other major GPS app finds, TomTom could not. Once I found the address, I could enter it, but even with the address, TomTom doesn't know what the name is. Also the map is incorrect as it told me to turn right into a street that the entrance has been closed off for years. It knew about the street that replaced it after I drove past the street it told me to turn in which you can't. Also at one point, it told me to turn right when it was bear right. Response to developers: thanks for the reply. HOWEVER, please look at Waze. It has many of the things on Carplay yours does not and should. Also the app should not just reroute me because of traffic. Or should visually and with audio tell me there is traffic, where, and tell me it had as better route that will save me x amount of time and ask me if I want to do that. Instead or just adjusts arrival time and changes the route without letting me know why. Please fix everything.
  • Unable to get pass the tryout version

    By BassaBoy
    I pay $24.99 back in July of 2014 and can’t enjoy it or use it as much as like to. When the tryout version ends, the app becomes useless until I contact the developer which I find Which I found very tedious, a waste of my time, and a violation of the “Apple Experience”. Part of that waste of time includes the writing of this review. The other issue is start up the app which is still in the tryout version, instead of going straight to the map, I get an update message. If the app needs an update, I think it should show up in the update section of the App Store like all the other apps do. I wish the none sense could stop because I honestly it hurts the bottom line more then it help it. Now I wish TomTom would will give me a direct access to the actual app that I pay for and the tryout version. Thank you.
  • Old was better

    By Prohibition1976
    I don't like being only able to download a handful of maps. Phone had 16 gigs available storage and the app says not enough storage. It seems I have to pick and choose the States I want to delete and download to use this app for trips. PIA!! Please give the option for individual States and North America complete. Thanks
  • Wrong Driving Speeds

    By Muir71
    I don’t get how Waze, Apple & Google Maps can calculate driving speeds correctly, but TomTom & Sygic both cannot calculate your actual speeds and think you’re speeding everywhere you go. The biggest issue I’ve been having is both it shows I’m speeding when I’m not....i drive 20 in a 25 zone, I’ speeding. I drive 65 in a. 75 zone, it’s lit up red like I’m speeding. Is there a way to turn off the visual notifications for speeding since your app cannot actually calculate speeds correctly? Also in my home are some of the speed limits are wrong. Shows 20mph speed zones when it’s 25. Or I’ve even see it show 30mph in a 45mph zone. Also, whose idea was it to not allow addresses/POI to be searched from the CarPlay? You can do all that from within the app and start your navigation and it picks up on the CarPlay. It’s more convenient to plug in your device, set down your phone and use the larger screen to input your trip. It would be nice to see the paid for big name maps be more reliable than the freebies, but I’m starting to see this as a waste of money until this map can be updated correctly. I got this for offline maps, but I’m not looking for incorrect offline maps either...
  • Discontinued app

    By Mr. Leão
    I bought the previous app that was lifelong and it was discontinued. I contacted TomTom support and they offered me a TomTom Go license until June 2022. I think it was an unfair TomTom solution. I think the correct thing would be to offer me TomTom Go for life, as was the other one I bought.
  • Rip Off

    By You_Know_Reezy
    So I purchased this app years ago when it was $99 in the App Store. I stopped using it because Apple Maps and Google Maps was much better but I thought after all these years I would give it a try again so I downloaded it and now it looks like I gave to have a subscription to use it?! Wow. Spend $99 and now I have to pay a monthly fee? No thanks I’ll stick to Apple and Google Maps.
  • Downloaded for use with CarPlay

    By edzmusic
    Disappointed. I was looking for a solid, offline backup to Apple Maps for use with CarPlay. Apple Maps is great, but when you are in a low signal area, it can’t re-route you should you need to go off-route. Two issues with TomTom app made it a no-go for use with CarPlay: 1. the app, while using CarPlay, had trouble locking onto GPS and could not give me proper routing instructions; 2. the displayed map was a horrible and paired with the GPS issue made the app not worth keeping. I tried using it on two occasions but I gave up and switched back Apple Maps. By the way, I tried Sygic’s app for CarPlay and it was not much better. If only Apple Maps had an offline mode - it would be perfect.