Expense Keep - Monthly Spending Tracker and Budget Planner with Accounts and Recurring Payments

Expense Keep - Monthly Spending Tracker and Budget Planner with Accounts and Recurring Payments

By Tayson Nguyen

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-03-08
  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 18.65 MB
  • Developer: Tayson Nguyen
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 952 Reviews)
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Expense Keep - Monthly Spending Tracker and Budget Planner with Accounts and Recurring Payments App Ratings: 4.5
Total 952 Reviews

Expense Keep - Monthly Spending Tracker and Budget Planner with Accounts and Recurring Payments App Description

Expense Keep is the simplest and quickest way to track your expenses. It will save you money and improve your financial health. Expense Keep has been downloaded over 150,000 times and ranked top 5 Finance app in 33 countries. "This is exactly what I was looking for. It has cut my spending tremendously. Couldn't be happier with this app." "I have never rated an app before but I feel so strongly about this app that I knew I had to share with everyone how great it is!" "All I wanted was a sole app to track multiple accounts. This does it. I love it and have deleted all of my other expense tracking apps." "This app is the only budget app that I could find which works well with a zero-based budget." "This is the best budget envelope app available. So beautifully designed and simple to use. Includes recurring transactions and transfers between envelopes." "This app is awesome! Super easy to use without requiring so much personal info like other apps (Mint)." "Finally an expenses tracking app that don't force you to connect every single bank account you have. This app is for those, like me, that like to keep their info as private as possible." "This app is helping me feel in much more control of my finances." "This app is fantastic. Don't know how i ever managed without it." "Awesome app. Easy to use. Quick to set up and quick to input transactions." "Have tried a number of apps to track expenses, and this one has everything I've been looking for." Expense Keep is a personal finance app built to be fast and designed to be flexible yet simple to use. Organize your money into separate accounts and track your expenses and incomes. Accounts can be used to track your bank account balances or as "envelopes" for your different spending groups. FEATURES: Accounts + Add/Edit/Delete accounts. + Set starting balance. + Organize your money into separate accounts. + View current balance of each account. Expenses and Incomes + Add/Edit/Delete entries for expenses and incomes. + Create custom expense categories. + Assign expenses/incomes to an account. + Set a date and note for each entry. + Select a category for expenses. Transfers + Add/Edit/Delete transfers. + Transfer money from one account to another. + Helps you stay on budget when you overspend in one account. Recurring Entries + Add/Edit/Delete recurring entries that get automatically entered. + Setup recurring expenses/incomes/transfers for each account. + Set repeat cycles of daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and more. + Set a start date and end date for recurring expenses. + Or set recurring expenses to be ongoing with no end date. Monthly History + View all entries for current month. + Go back and see previous months' entries. + Go to future months and add entries ahead of time. Cash Flow + See how much you earned/spent for the month. + Cash flow bar chart helps you spend less than you earn. Expense Chart + Pie chart shows your expenses broken down into categories. + See where all your money is going. + Filter pie chart to show only the accounts you select. Report + CSV export Security + Passcode lock feature More features coming soon! Have questions, requests, or feedback? Send them to info@expensekeep.com If you enjoy using Expense Keep or found the app useful, please consider leaving a review. It helps us a lot. Thank you!


Expense Keep - Monthly Spending Tracker and Budget Planner with Accounts and Recurring Payments App Screenshots

Expense Keep - Monthly Spending Tracker and Budget Planner with Accounts and Recurring Payments App Reviews

  • Not iPad2 Friendly

    By Patandcat
    I excluded all but iPad app from my search. This came up. Deleted it right way as it could not display icon, was not iPad friendly. No rotating orientation, tiny screen, clunky on an iPad.
  • 2 years in..

    By Amara Amara
    Going on 2 years since I’ve downloaded this Expense Keep and I’ve slowly became obsessed with tracking my expenses and budgeting. Similar to the other budget apps, they allow you to manually input your expenses and incomes (as well as set up reoccurring expenses and incomes), shows you a chart and breakdown of what you’re spending, and allows you to set up multiple “accounts” to track your expenses for the accounts that you personally have. But what I like more about Expense Keep is the ease of use. I’ve tried Fugdet, Mint, and the other free budget apps, and they were too confusing to use and either wouldn’t let you put expenses in manually or as a reoccurrence. Couple of downsides. The other apps had a way for you to set a budget for each category you choose and monitor how much you are spending in those categories. Expense Keep does not do that. Also, some apps allow you to put in all of your expected expenses and incomes for the future and see where you’re finances would be towards the end of the month (or next month), this app doesn’t do that as well. Lastly, other apps that I’ve tried includes a monthly calendar that shows your scheduled bills and paychecks. Expense Keep doesn’t have that either. Still some areas of growth, but overall, Expense Keep is easier to use and has a much cleaner look (which makes it better to budget)
  • Perfect minus one

    By Flargot
    This app has everything I need, but... 1. the only drawback is the categories can only be applied to reoccurring expenses, so unless you’re logging all ur one time payments as reoccurring expenses the chart and other functions are useless. 2. The icing on the cake would be if you can see the charts by category rather than simply by month.
  • Awful

    By mnk42
    Clunky, awful, no ability or organize expenses by date. Total waste!!!!!
  • Like it so far

    By vinhelson
    Seems like a really good app for what I've seen so far. Only thing is it would be nice if it could link up to a card to automatically track expenses, but it simultaneously forces me to build good habits.
  • Payment

    By Alove2018
    This app was one of the easier ones to get started with and I was starting to like it, until I tried to put more than 3 reoccurring transactions and it won’t allow it unless you upgrade to pro for $5. Yep, deleted.
  • Just what I needed!

    By Lutyshrkdifjejdjfjrjrmrjdirjrjr
    If you’ve ever read “Your Money Or Your Life,” you know that regardless of how crazy you want to get with breaking down budgets, what matters is keeping track of what you spend overall, and letting that awareness of what could otherwise be saved influence your moment-to-moment decisions about what to let through your fingers. If something is too complicated, I won’t use it. To that end, I only want to put in an amount, maybe a description and only a high level of category. I don’t want sub-categories, I don’t want to be forced to pick a budget every time. Expense is perfect for this! So efficient. I basically look at my recurring expenses separately and leave them out, because what I care about is keeping my daily/discretionary spending under control. I can postpone gratification easier when I have a reason/goal, and this helps me. I don’t even use any account but “Spending Money”, though I appreciate the options. I even did an analysis of my spending and found that if I round up or down to the nearest dollar, the amounts end up about the same even if don’t put in the cents. So, this software’s behavior of having numbers goo straight to dollars works for me, and save me two button clicks for every transaction. Little things like that build love. My only quibble is that whenever I edit a transaction, I have to go pick the category again. If the previous category was selected, that could help...or, when I’m editing, give me an option to save without going to the category screen. I would only take a half star if I could but can’t so I’ll leave that challenge on the table! That said, again I appreciate the software designers’ choice not to make the category choice a two-step operation. You don’t have to click a category AND click OK; just click the category and you’re done. Good work!
  • More features needed

    By EthanDevInChina
    Overall a solid start. The app does what I want for manually tracking expenses. Saves me a hell of a time coding my own. I wish I could change the currency symbol. Im in China so it looks like I paid $1,800 USD for rent this month when actually given the currency exchange rate it is more like $270. As well the default colors for the pie chart aren’t my favorite. No errors for me yet and the app is fast so I can easily add purchases right after making them. Really good design. Just open the app and hit the plus button. Overall, I feel it is just missed some added customization. Money is a very personal matter for many, I think this app could improve a great deal by adding more personalization. I would go for the premium version if it had some of these other options for customization, but for now I don’t think the packaged features are worth it. The free version works very well and the premium version doesn’t add anything that I would want. Also I think the accounts setup is a little funny and out of place. It requires you manually add in your account balances. I could see that as more fitting for a financial tool like Mint, but it seems out of place for this app. It is an expense tracker, but that aspect makes it seem more like a budget/balance checking tool. I know a lot of hard work went into making this and it is exactly what I was looking for. I hope you all are continuing to develop and add more features.
  • Looks good but limited free use

    By ten'i hitonoko
    You can only put three expenses in before it prompts you to upgrade and I don’t know if I like it enough to upgrade to pro with only three entries. Sad because the layout is really nice.
  • Just what I needed

    By plainjosh
    Great expense tracker. Makes you leave a review in order to use some features. For that, you lose a star. Dear developers: bad feature.