Free Your Mind Hypnosis

Free Your Mind Hypnosis

By Mindifi LLC

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2013-05-21
  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 52.98 MB
  • Developer: Mindifi LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 122 Reviews)
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Free Your Mind Hypnosis App Ratings: 4.5
Total 122 Reviews

Free Your Mind Hypnosis App Description

Now is the time to give your mind a deep lasting rest. Clear your mind of anxieties and clutter that distract you from focus, creativity and vision. Do you often find yourself filling your mind with countless tasks that need to be done? Or perhaps worries and frustrations that won't let you sleep? Maybe you have noticed that filling your mind to capacity with those things doesn't really change reality or advance you towards your most important goals. Perhaps your mind often feels "overwhelmed". That is a direct result of your mind absorbing more than it is comfortable handling. Now is the time to change that pattern. So we invite you to give your mind a break, and plunge into our "Free Your Mind Hypnosis" program. With our soothing hypnosis, calming background music, and stunning visuals, a clear mind is just one download away. Audios in this app include: 1) Free Your Mind 2) Weight Loss 3) Quit Smoking (4 tracks) 4) Attitude of Gratitude 5) Falling Back to Sleep 6) Overcome Rejection 7) Overcome Failure 8) Creativity 9) Focus 10) Stop Procrastination 11) Worry No More With over 100,000 new satisfied Mindifi listeners downloading our hypnosis apps each month, don't take our word for it! See what our users are saying: "I have tried many meditation apps, brain entertainment, hypnosis, and solfeggio apps. Normally if the program isn't high quality I have a hard time falling into hypnosis. I fell into hypnosis the first time using it. Extremely Pleasant! -JoshNOLA "Love it. Does what I wanted it to accomplish. Take me away from stress and allows me to focus only on what I need and is best for me. I feel so much more relaxed and centered"- sambaqueen02 "Love, love love it,Those are some of the best hypno/audio that I have heard so far!Your body truly belong to you...those audio are there to remind you.You can achieve ANYTHING that you want, there are really no limits! Thank you, Mindifi for reminding me of that!"- NurseNicky "Listen 2 to 3 times a day! Will purchase more!" -KLSKDS "Very relaxing my kids don't drive me crazy anymore it's weird? Almost scary but I love it". -Mrs. Cheek Make sure to check out our other popular Mindifi apps: - Weight Loss Hypnosis by Mindifi - Deep Sleep and Relaxation Hypnosis by Mindifi - Law of Attraction Hypnosis by Mindifi - Quit Smoking Hypnosis by Mindifi - Personal Development and Achievement Hypnosis by Mindifi


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Free Your Mind Hypnosis App Reviews

  • Bad company

    By Arena ria
    I paid $20 for all the original programs. I reset my iPad and went to re-download the programs...and they were replaced...and they wanted me to BUY THEM AGAIN? My money is gone...just gone. The new versions are AWEFUL. I want what I paid for.
  • Turns off when phone sleeps

    By Randysusan
    Turns off when your phone goes to sleep. Pretty bad for 2017. Speaking of which, this was last updated almost 5 years ago. Also, no customer support. Plenty of other great hypnosis apps out there.

    By John John (Houston tx)
    To be truthful with this app? Out of 43 videos, 12 apps (here to on iTunes) 7 paid apps, By far this is a real deal, not for just loosing weight or smoking, I wanted my mind to be free. And this is it, not a 2-3 mins of talk, or 5-10 mins of music or even videos, This is a real hypnosis that talks to u while u sleep or when your in bed, to actually clear my mind, so I can focus on what my issues are, Very hard for me to sleep, as I got used to them all, this app talks to u like no others I've herd before, just wanted to let everyone know this, not fake as some are, so for a free app? Yes and thank you, I really mean this, thank you for a real professional hypnosis that is there for my issue, Mind control so I can free up and look forward to changing my ways of patterns, even bad habits and or reloading it to fresh again, So I am doing this again and again and again and will now buy more, (if I need to) but only need this one for me..... God bless and a MUST TRY and just see what it's all about, Ps.... to the makers of this app, you guys nailed it!
  • Really works

    By SoliderCG
    Like when I am angry or feel any emotional I listen to this and after it is done I feel better.
  • Worthless

    By Kijahni
    The weight-loss app is completely worthless. It consists of the standard relaxation beginning, and then is only one statement after another of standard weight loss principles: no sugar, healthy eating, etc. I already do these things now, And hearing widely known accepted ways of eating healthy is completely insulting, and a waste of my time. The problem is not not knowing how to lose weight. I do that quite easily. The issue is deciding to DO it. THAT is what most weight loss self hypnosis apps Focus on. I would really like my money back.
  • Thank you

    By Maryaseri
    Thank you very much, that was awesome
  • Bugs in latest version prevent me from using this app anymore

    By Rosedrinkstea
    I used to really love using this company's apps as a way to relax and drift off to sleep, or as a midday rest (whether I sleep or not). I had it set (in this app's settings) to close the app at the end and it was working great for insomnia relief. Unfortunately the latest updates include this bug where it prompts me to rate the app as the session finishes, which wouldn't be that bad ... if it didn't prevent my wake up alarm from going off. The setting to close the app when the session is finished... that's also gone. What upsets me most is that I forked out the money to buy all the sessions on two of this company's apps ($20 each set) because it was such an effective relaxation method for me. Now the app is basically unusable for my purposes.
  • Highly Disappointed

    By TheSunWillComeOutShineOnMe
    I just left a rather lengthy review in the other Mindifi App with yellow icon that has the free 'Dream Life' Audio session which I generously gave 4 stars to BUT THIS App-I am leaving my 2cents My 1Star & Not wasting too much more time with These Apps until Mindifi updates them so we can fast forward past all the talking & find out if there is EVEN AN AUDIO SESSION & not just an Induction-which is what I found when I used the Free Your Mind Free Session just this morning Right After I played the Other Mindifi App & listened to 'Dream Life'-See my review there if interested In lengthy real details. I downloaded 6 of your Apps & already deleted 1 soon after downloading it-apparently I wasn't happy but these other 5 Apps have been wasting space for many months as I haven't had time to use them fully-the instructions & inductions are so long-either fall asleep or opened another App or an alarm went off & the entire session makes me start over-THIS IS A MUST FIX-I can't imagine paid users being unable to loop fast forward rewind pause & repeat when there are so many free competitors out there WITH BETTER APPS & based on the 4 1/2 star reviews I THOUGHT MINDIFI MUST BE GOOD-Now I wonder if reviews are fake or if the people who left them received free upgrades or if PEOPLE ARE MISTAKING relaxing & sleeping WITHA HYPNOTIC TRANCE SESSION or Meditation to resolve a specific ISSUE-to change a negative behaviour pattern or improve their life by improving their mindset & outlook-I have been using MAN of these types of Apps now-Free & PAID for several years since an accident & having THE TIME TO DO SO & using these as THERAPY just like Acupuncture-Psycho therapy, cognitive therapy-To help with anxiety-moods-motivation-positivity-Insomnia-WAS RESOLVED FROM A DIFFERENT APP QUICKLY & so many other things-Living a healthy life-being confident-being successful-Achieving my goals-living my dream life-Seeing the positive side of everything-attracting positivity & abundance & good things into my LIFE-Feeling content-Finding my soul mate & more. I am happyI'll be deleting THIS MINDIFI APP now as the over 200MB of space it takes up is RIDICULOUS given its only 1free audio with no controls & noABILITY to play or continue playing if another App opens-very low development & looks like 2 years since an update????WHY IS ANYONE PAYING? Please I took the time to write this just to let others know if they type in the search box they can find pages of free apps for sleep relaxation & STRESS & DEALING WITH ANXIETY-just type words in search box with hypnosis or meditations or affirmations or brainwave entrainment after the words & even ONLINE there are so many sites with free AUDIOS & THE BEST I'VE USED WERE FREE OR from a company who offered FREE ACCESS TO EVERYTHING FOR A LIMITED TIME TO CHECK IT OUT & TRY BEFORE BUYING OR ONE THAT OFFERED ME AUDIOS THAT IMPROVED MY LIFE SO I BOUGHT SOME ADDITIONAL IN APP AUDIOS AT MY CHOICE NOT AN ENTIRE BUNDLE I MAY NOT NEED. Why don't I like THIS PARTICULAR SESSION besides the inability to control it or open other Apps or loop it or repeat it? I just listened to it fully while awake & it didn't even contain any audio pertaining to Freeing Mind of negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs as it said-WHERAS at leas the DreamLife audio in the yellow con Mindifi App had a few minutes of visualization of Dream Life Goals & Picturing times in my life in past & future-WHICH I LIKED-but this app has 1AUDIO & ALL I HEARD WAS an induction-in about 3-5 different ways-A long intro-Then telling user to relax & breathe & close eyes & open eyes & tense muscles then release tnse then release-THAT is called 'Progressive Muscle Relaxation' & I have AUDIOS of in every CBT APP with tons of other useful stuff in it-like reading-journals-ideas-affirmations & more-But it's an induction OR AN EXERCISE TO RELEASE STRESS & ANXIETY & that was NOT what this audio says it is for-I also do not like tightening all my muscles As instructed since issues with spine & shoulder & leg &it feels like it's causing FACIAL Wrinkling & makes jaw clenched & tight &feel even worse after personally-THEN THE GUY DID EXACTLY WHAT HE DID THE LAST 10-15 minutes in other App-He tries to set a trigger for us to fall asleep every time he tells us to & he tells us to open our eyes then close them over & over as he counts up & down-For a long time & THEN SAYS WAKE UP EYES OPEN-BASICALLY THE SESSION WAS TO TENSE & RELAX YOUR MUSCLES&Learn a little about how hypnosis apps work-& have to hear IT EVERY TIME-THEN CLOSE &OPEN EYES CLOSE EYES OPEN EYES-then WAIT & wonder WHEN HE IS GOING TO START ACTUALLY SAYING SOMETHING THAT WILL HELP TO FREE MY MIND OF LIMITING BELIEFS-EVEN TO CREATE A TRIGGER TO HELP ME REALIZE WHEN I AM THINKING LOWER THOUGHTS-Not to create a trigger to SLEEP WHEN HE INSTRUCTS ME TOO-Just s everyone bows you can get that or free & MUCH MORE IN SO MANY OTHER APPS & They take up so much KESS space-THIS IS SUCH A WASTE OF SPAE NOW I NEED TO CHECK THAT THE OTHER 3 I still have not listened to since downloading HAVE ANYTHING USEFUL IN THEM OR IF I CAN JUST KEEP THE LOWER MBS yellow icon App for Dream Life & although it has ONKY ASHORT AUDIO PART FOR VISUALIZING & MANIFESTING-I did enjoy the light part & I can at least just play that in the mornings when I Wake up & I KNOW NOW I CAN STOP Before THE LAST 10 minutes of it which are a waste of time-Same as the entire audio-Just trying to create a trigger to tellme when to sleep in preparation for NEXT TIME-BUT I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP-I WANT TO MANIFEST MY GOALS & FREE MY MIMD OF LIMITING BELIEFS & IF I WANT ASLEEP AUDIO I HAVE PLENTY OF THEM including 1 which resolved my insomnia in days &I have specific apps to ease anxiety& pain &THIS AUDIO WAS FOR CHANGING MINDSET & Itfailed in every possible way-THERE WAS NOTHING EXCEPT what I explained & Now I need to make sure the there are not just ALL THESAME WASTE.
  • Mesmerizing!

    By RopeBach
    I have purchased “Free your mind” hypnosis app and had a great experience with it. This app offers a range of different hypnoses, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, boosting creativity, dealing with insomnia, etc. If you are not sure what you want or want a few areas to work on, this app might be the one to get! Prior to getting the hypnosis app, I mistakenly assumed that the hypnotist does all the work to instill positive changes to your mind. Actually, this is not true! I feel that the role of the hypnotist is to get you relaxed and walk you through a series constructive mental exercises that you would be too lazy to do on your own. In a sense, the hypnotizer merely lowers the activation energy to such constructive practices. You still need to do a lot of work to passionately desire, imagine and concentrate on what you want. My favorite track is “Free your mind.” I absolutely love the mental journey that this hypnosis takes me through. I love that this hypnosis (or any other hypnosis) allows me the freedom to construct the details of the imaginary spaces I get visit. I get an opportunity to reconnect with my deepest desires, my deepest strengths and the core experiences of my life. I feel very grounded after I listen to this track!
  • Not what I was hoping for

    By JEBW414
    I just paid for the full app and it wasn't what I'd hoped for. I was looking for something with soft music to fall asleep to with underlying meditation that could help with things such as weight loss. Definitely not falling asleep listening to this - there goes my $, hopefully I'll get some use out of it.