LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World

LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World

By LINE Corporation

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2012-11-20
  • Current Version: 6.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 135.00 MB
  • Developer: LINE Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 39,983 Reviews)
  • Price:
LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World App Ratings: 4.5
Total 39,983 Reviews

LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World App Description

Be the best you! Make your own unique avatar and meet friends from around the world! Over 60,000,000 people are currently playing LINE PLAY around the world! 1. All it takes is 3 seconds to make your own original avatar! You can make an avatar that looks just like yourself by taking a selfie! You can set the avatar as your LINE profile pic and decorate it with LINE Camera stickers! It's also fun to make avatars of your friends and give them to them! 2. The possibilities are endless! Thousands of items are waiting for you! Produce any kind of look you want with a huge variety of fashion, hair, makeup, and accessory items! New items are added practically every day! Create whatever vibe you're in the mood for! There are even animated items, as well as ones that play music! 3. Lots of tie-ups with popular artists and characters! Popular real-life artists and celebrities as well as fictional characters from properties like HELLO KITTY and Rilakkuma all come together in LINE PLAY! Your favorite characters could show up in a tie-up at any time! The tie-up item gachas are also a must-see! 4. Dive into Story World, where you can experience your own unique stories! There's a strange library in a corner of LINE PLAY. The fairy Libro lives there, and he needs your help! Please, help us! The only way to see the endings is to take back the stories! 5. Record special moments in your diary! Your diary is where you can write down anything from how you feel at the moment to important events in your life! Post your most stylish avatar outfits and see how many Likes you can get from your friends! 6. Head to the Squares, where you can hang out with people from around the world! The Squares are where you can chat and play all sorts of fun games! You can run a cafe, play soccer, or get absorbed in fishing! 7. Enjoy Circles with your friends! You can start your own Circle, or join an existing one! Talk with your friends about shared interests, exchange items, and more! Find your perfect Circle! 8. Play every day and become a VIP! Collect Stars by playing LINE PLAY every day, and get on the road to becoming a VIP! Once you become a VIP, you can enjoy a variety of benefits including access to special discounted gachas just for VIPs! LINE PLAY is perfect for anyone who... ...loves fashion! ...wants to make new friends! ...loves cute items! ...wants to make friends with similar interests! ...wants to enjoy life! looking for a new LINE profile pic! ...wants a new app to kill time with! ...wants to start something new with their friends! Please note: LINE PLAY is free to download and play, but in-app purchases are available. If you wish to restrict in-app purchases, please go to the Settings of your device and configure it so that a password is required to make purchases. Visit our official Facebook & Instagram Pages


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LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World App Reviews

  • I love it

    By mscoolperson
    Whoever came up with this is a genius!!lol
  • Awesome game!💕

    By kiss the girl💋
    I first got this game in 2013 I deleted it shortly after I got it then in 2016 I decided to give it another try I loved it I’m now very happy with its performance the select shop is cool cause things that you would normally find in gacha you can find there.My friends and I would play this all the time this year alone I have made over 50 friends! I love this game but I have 1 suggestion people have been disappointed because everything costs too much can u lower the prices of things please? Sincerely, Abbye
  • Not much to do...

    By Ren Haru
    Don’t get me wrong, this “game” is adorable and I love the outfits. It’s just that there’s only two mini games now and the app as a whole feels barebones and deserted.
  • Money Hungry and Losing Features

    By ♥Namtan♥
    You can play for free, but in order to really get into the gameplay you need to spend a good amount money. This is especially true now that they removed the Vegas Square for iOS users, which had some of the best free gameplay. Not to mention that this change doesn’t effect all users. Totally disappointing. I would not recommend starting this game because they clearly don’t value all their users based on this alone.
  • I love it but...

    By max the cat711
    It’s to expensive I’m poor can you make like it 800 or something CHEAP PLEASE! Two. Bro make the Gacha slower like to 10 ok!three. Add a halo and more ears like wolf cat ears and MAKE IT FREE!!!
  • The greed is unreal

    By MichikoChun
    This company just wants your money. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. The vast majority of cute items cost “cash” which is incredibly rare to get in-game and you get a ridiculously small amount of it if you choose to buy it with real money. You may think 100 cash sounds like a decent amount but when everything costs 15-20 cash it drains you fast. You can get their “gems” currency through tasks or ad watching but this game is so buggy that it hasn’t allowed me to collect gems in weeks. The only thing this game had going for it was their Las Vegas square but they just closed that for iOS users so what even is the point? With every new update this game only gets worse. If you want to give yourself high blood pressure this is the game for you.

    By najajones02
    I only have the option to log in through line email or make a new account I can’t log in through my Twitter or face book anymore it’s not optional on the new update I made a new account and it won’t let me post in my diary change my code to a username or comment in other users diary’s
  • Nothing but a cash-grab, staff hates users

    By Emily Kibbles
    I’ve been using this app since 2015 Over the last two years, the changes that have been made to this game make it so I have almost nothing good to say about it anymore. Every day fun things are being taken away from the app, it’s honestly boring. Here’s the absolute worst things about the app, in my opinion: 1. Huge chunks of the game, like Catch of the Day and Las Vegas Square, are only available to certain people - only Japan region users have access to CoTD and iOS users are no longer able to use Las Vegas (for some reason the devs don’t want to tell us). Also only United States and Japan region users have access to Las Vegas. 2. It’s incredibly pay-to-win. Free players can’t participate in any events, so don’t expect any holidays to make the game especially fun - unless you wanna pay a few hundred dollars. 3. The staff doesn’t respond or communicate with their users. At all. If anything happens to your account, well, don’t expect them to help you. I’ve seen people get their accounts deleted for no reason, and the staff’s response is “I don’t know sorry”. 4. If you are okay with spending money on the game, BE VERY CAREFUL. SCREENSHOT THE ENTIRE TRANSACTION. Not once, not twice, but three times I’ve purchase cash (premium in-game currency), Line Play has said my transaction was successful, taken the money from my account, and not given me the items I’ve paid for. Three times. I contacted them all three times, the response? “Thank you for reporting this to us, we are currently looking into the issue and will get back to you shortly”. Yeah they never contacted me again. Never got my items I paid for, either, I had to contact Apple support for a refund. 5. It’s boring. All of the mini games, besides one, have been deleted for some reason that, once again, they won’t tell us. Hoorah. 6. Once free-to-play events that all users had a semi-equal chance at winning in have been purged so much that only premium players who pay over $50 can participate in. Example: Top Fashionista launch: costed 500~1,000 gems to enter (gems are free in-game currency), each player was given 20 free votes and could vote for an avatar as many times as they wanted. Top Fashionista now: costs 10+ cash (premium currency you have to buy with real money!) to enter, sometimes even costs 10+ cash AND you have to be a certain rank. Each player is given 3 free votes and can only vote for each avatar once throughout the entire event. 7. Curious Closets, an in-game feature that allows user to get special items by wearing other items from their closet to unlock it, the items needed usually cost about 100 cash a piece and have to be given to you by another player. At the beginning of every month there’s a special Curious Closets for the gacha of the month which requires the user to buy a $100 package. Disgusting. I could go on, but if you read this and STILL wanna download the app? Good luck.
  • So greedy

    By YangMi.Yu
    I have played this game since 2014 and I spent actual money on this game. I am a permanent VIP now, but the game has changed. The 10 cash gacha seemed reasonable for me, but 25 cash gacha was way too expensive. The Las Vegas square was taken down (not sure why). Line Play shouldn't be too greedy or many loyal players might just leave this cute game.
  • Please fix this

    By Angie the Awesome Scaredy Kat
    So I downloaded LINE Play yesterday, and barely entered my email today. I entered it under one of my backup gmails, and all was well. Until I exited the app and entered it a few minutes later. It showed up with the log in screen. I thought to myself,”No problem, I just verified my email.” So I login and to my dismay, It said “invalid.” So I can’t ever log into that account again, despite me doing everything I had to. I’m not asking for you guys to “revive” my account— because I know that’s impossible. I’m just asking for you to please fix this so other people don’t have to deal with the stress it brings.