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  • Release Date: 2012-11-14
  • Current Version: 2.24
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 3.30 GB
  • Developer: X-Avionics, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 208 Reviews)
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Xavion App Ratings: 4
Total 208 Reviews

Xavion App Description

In flight, Xavion constantly imagines engine-failed glides to every runway in gliding range, and then shows you the safest-possible route as a Highway-In-The-Sky to take in the event of engine failure. This, finally, gives you guidance after an engine failure that is based on energy-management all the way down, where the computer does the glide-planning for you… you just fly through the hoops to the runway. Xavion also has instrument approaches in 3-D for the United States, so you can simply select any approach and then fly through the hoops to fly it! As well, Xavion tracks other airplanes via ADS-B, and memorizes their location to track their WAKE TURBULENCE, moving the wake turbulence down and with the wind over time, showing the wake turbulence as little spiraling tornados. Finally, an App that tracks and shows you the wake turbulence of other airplanes. As well, Xavion gets ADS-B weather if you have a portable receiver, and displays it, including the new icing, turbulence, and lightning products. Xavion also gets METARS and winds aloft from the internet if you have a WIFI or cell signal to help you plan before a flight! Also, Xavion checks your weight and balance, and even estimates your takeoff distance and compares that to the length of the runway that you are about to take off on to warn you if the available runway length from your current location is marginal for a safe take-off. Also, Xavion estimates time and fuel burn at all different altitudes to any destination, showing you the time and fuel burn required for each altitude enroute, so you can pick the best altitude. Xavion, and Xavion alone in the sky, gives engine-failure guidance and wake-turbulence avoidance. Xavion is free to download, and requires In-App purchase of current airport data ($9.99/month, or $99.00/year). As well, you may OPTIONALLY buy a Seattle Avionics Chart Data subscription for $149.00/year, or access your existing Seattle Avionics Chart Data subscription. (We never release customer info, and the terms of use are listed at the launch of the App. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)


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Xavion App Reviews

  • Best Aviation App for Safety in Flight.

    By Sailbv
    Priceless peace of mind! This is so amazing it would be great to have this as a certified panel replacement—it’s that great! This is by far the best investment in aviation I’ve made! Xavion continues to amaze, now with wake turbulence display right there on the screen. Much simplier to configure. One improvement I can think of if is maybe cloud storage for when I need to recover from backup or moving to a new iPad. Tested it out with FlightBox. Easy as Pi and now waiting for my AHRS module to complete things! Just when I think there is no way this app can get better, it does! And I think I have a pretty imagination. After customizing to your aircraft (another great reason to go fly)...not much need for this in new version. Engine out! ... Press the emergency button...Fly the hoops...all the way down to the available airport! Priceless peace of mind. Cost of an app which makes that happen? Not even close to being a factor! Now with charts overlay and ultra smooth panning this can even be used tactically; and even more so with devices like iLevil or similar for WAAS-GPS, AHRS and ADS-B traffic and weather. Well worth the nominal price given you get *all* the charts that are available from Seattle Avionics. Although tying my other Seattle Avionics subscriptions would be nice. Weight and balance too...logs each flight. Quick handy notepad...the list goes on..and on. Most key for me is that the map continually shows posible airports to glide to given my position so I can always tell if it might be a cornfield for sure or maybe an airport I'd be terminating my flight into in case of troubles. You just can't beat that. Oh sure, you can do without it and fly your glide speed and guesstimate how close you will get to that airport but then you will be thinking "I wonder if I will actually make it?". In my case I glance over and presto...I know what my chances are and press the emergency button and fly the hoops! It even reminds to drop the gear! Worth every penny of my subscription!
  • Love using this app with x-plane

    By hwg43
    If you fly with x-plane then this is the companion app you want.
  • Potential

    By Salzarqa
    It has a lot of potential that I need to more work menus layout are confusing.
  • Xavion

    By FatherElectron
    There’s a lot to like about this app. Although it’s cumbersome to get set up and really requires a subscription to Seattle avionics maps and charts to be fully functional, I really love the situational awareness of the safe glide function. Written from an engineers perspective, the app takes some getting used to but once you figure it out it really works well.
  • Amazing tool

    By Arman Kirakosyan
    Not only for the cool visual aids it provides, I can get amazing terrain alerts and more when flying. For sure a must have for X-Plane pro pilots.
  • True Safety Innovation

    By Aimhighflyer
    Download this now! Chair fly with your simulator...learn it...then go fly! You’ll love this app!
  • Great addition & adds safety to flight

    By Barry272
    Have been using this program for a few years and it just keeps getting better and feature packed. It adds a new level of safety to flight by reducing pilot workload.
  • Love the resource

    By Profeticus
    Just started using Davison. Great so far!
  • I really want to switch from Foreflight, but...

    By RPG139
    ...I don’t want to invest in a new GPS/ADS-B receiver since this App doesn’t support Stratus/Scout. And, I don’t want to have to pay for a separate map subscription. I understand the Stratus/Scout issue with it being tied exclusively to Foreflight. However, the maps and plates are free downloads from the FAA, so it seems like with some programming it could be incorporated into the App. I gave it five stars because it’s a well executed App.
  • Night Peace of Mind

    By ChuckFL
    I love the originality of this app. At night, it brings a great peace of mind with continually calculating best glides to an airport.