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  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2012-06-29
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Compumaster Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.7 or later.
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    4/5 ( 22 Reviews)
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FontPreview App Ratings: 4
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FontPreview App Description

FontPreview allows you to quickly compare fonts installed on your system. It uses a multi-column list interface where each list contains font previews. This allows you to scroll though each list and quickly compare different fonts side-by-side. Key features: Quick, responsive interface FontPreview performs time-consuming operations in the background to ensure the application is as responsive as possible. Flexible layout You can have one to four column lists to better suite your workflow. Quick font search Each column list has its own search box so that only the fonts you're interested in are displayed in each list. Copy and drag-and-drop support Found your perfect font? Just copy and paste it to any application that supports rich text formatting. You can even drag and drop it to any folder (e.g you desktop) to create a text clipping.


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FontPreview App Reviews

  • A great font previewer

    By sieler
    This program does what it's supposed to do: it shows me text in a *lot* of fonts (all, by default). You can enter you custom text (click on 'Text' at the top and type it in) and see it in all the fonts. The multi-columns are fine, once you realize how to use them. Let's say you have 4 columns showing. Scroll column 1 to have the first font you are thinking of using, then scroll column 2 to the second font, etc., letting you compare 4 fonts onscreen at the same time. But ... it's not obvious, and a heck of a lot more limiting than the more obvious/useful option that should probably be added: the ability to drag an example out of the "FontPreview" window and have it be a static window by itself. Then, the multi-column stuff could be ditched, and I could have an arbitrary number of potential font choices showing. One good aspect of the columns is that each column has it's own search/filter facility. The program needs much more powerful filtering capabilities... I want to say: [ ] Italic to include or exclude italics [ ] Bold and perhaps not as easy: [ ] only san serif [ ] only serif And: [ ] exclude fonts with missing characters And: Font source (choose one): Any / Apple fonts only / User installed fonts only I'd also prefer the ability to say something like "exclude more angular fonts" or "exclude more rounded fonts", which might require the program to analyze "a-z" to deduce the degree of angularity for each font :) Stan (40+ years of asking for enhancements) Sieler :)
  • Saves time but...

    By Matt Sahlgren
    This app has become quite the timesaver for finding fonts and is very useful. I think a lot of the criticisms of it are actually some of it’s assets, and some feature requests would be more hassle than anything. This is strictly a convenient font-browser for searching and comparing, with customizable text and color. It does it very well. If you want to manipulate fonts any more than that, why would you do that in this app? My one wish is for it to update when I add a new font to FontBook. As it is, I have to close and reopen it which takes, like, 15 seconds. I can live with that. Addendum: Meh. The program seems to keep searching for fonts that I’ve either deactivated or removed completely, which takes up a lot of wasted space. It does this even after ‘Reloading’ fonts, which apparently does nothing at all.
  • Make them all scroll together!

    By Maowai
    This is a simple, but useful little app, but all of the columns need to scroll as one, rather than them all scrolling seperately! I think that feature is there so that you can compare fonts, but it would be a lot easier and more useful if the multipe columns were there to just display all of your fonts in one list, so that you can look over a lot of fonts in a shart amount of time. Sort of like the Pinterest layout, I guess. Also, the icon is fairly ugly, which is just slughtly annoying to me as a designer. Fix those things, and this app will have 5 stars to me.
  • Disappointed

    By PaulMz22
    I hoped this app's multiple columns would make it possible to search for fonts by the screenful, but it turns out each column is a separate autonamous list. If the developer added this ability, I would consider the app well worth the price. As it is, I don't. Also … it would be more useful if there were font metadata you could search on, not just the font names.
  • Needs a Few Features

    By MrAustinPDX
    Overall it's pretty handy. The multi-column layout isn't as helpful as my initial impression thought it might be. Each column is your full font list, rather than all fonts being spread across the columns. So, basically I'm just scrolling down one column. Also, a very simple thing that would be nice would be a keyboard shortcut for paging down. If there is one, I haven't found it and it's straining on the eyeballs and scroll finger to have to constantly scroll.
  • Nice to compare fonts

    By CosmicJeep
    It does what it stats with being able to compare font looks with any partictular text. It really shoudl supporting the ability to print out some results.
  • so far so good

    By Ricardo Cavenecia
    does what it offers… the app Icon is hideous though!! you can do better...
  • Useful, but have some suggestions!

    By Rountrees
    I'm thinking if this had some tweaks it could be very useful for designers. Often times we need to adjust the spacing of the letters to bring them together or space them apart. Would it be possible to add a little cog/gear next to the search boxes on the bottom columns to allow for tweaks like [u][b][i] and Letter Spacing (+/-)?
  • Very Useful

    By Pete Ziegel
    I love the interface and all the options for previewing fonts. I would also love if there was a way to save groups other than "favorites", it would make this go from good to great for me.
  • Fantasic App!

    By JMangine
    This app allows you to easily look at hundreds of fonts to see which one works best. You can easily change the background color, text color and example text to see how they look. It even allows you to save favorite examples and compare them to each other. This app is perfect for people like me who want the font choice to be perfect!