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SJ Premium

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SJ Messenger provides the highest level of online communication confidentiality. With integrated PGP encryption, and unparalleled reliability, SJ operates at a level comparable only to that of BlackBerry Messenger. SJ gives you a solution to your concerns about your privacy when chatting online. Something to consider is that not all network connections offer suitable protection against people intercepting your private messages. Unencrypted data is readable by anyone with access to an unsecured network connection over which the data is transmitted. With PGP encryption, you know that your conversations are not at risk of being read by others, such as authorities, hackers and ISPs (internet service providers). By communicating securely via SJ Messenger, rest assured that the aforementioned risks of communicating online do not pose a problem to you. The Safety Jabber Advantages: 1. The correspondence encryption is built on PGP technology – recognized by experts as the most resistant to hacking. 2. The access to your data is by a password, which you assign yourself. 3. The software is easy to use and quick to install. In just minutes, you can effectively and safely communicate with your contacts as easily as on Facebook. 4. The ability exists to transmit file archives as encrypted information through, the file-exchange service. With the encrypted file archive, your recipient will receive a password that will decode the given materials immediately. Other possible advantages to your SJ Messenger Service might include: • The ability to work and communicate with all Jabber-servers • The ability to Integrate with Facebook, G-talk & networks • The use of multiple Jabber accounts with multiple usernames • The support for all of your data export-import needs within your contact lists • The addition of notes to your contact list, helping you to stay organized • The upkeep of an encrypted history of all of your correspondences for safekeeping


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SJ Premium App Reviews

  • Wasted $50. Won’t evevn open

    By ricochetRick
    Wasted $50. Won’t evevn open
  • dont waist your time on this useless program.

    By FriedButter
    50 bucks right down the toilet! I use pgp but this program does nothing to make that easier for me.
  • This is my first negative review ever.

    By Jayfajonesy
    There’s no manual, no instructions, no customer support and the technical support is non existent. The lack of a manual and non-existent service makes me think I’ve been scammed.
  • Best secure communication

    By 777123user
    Excellent program to ensure secure communication. PGP adjusted easily and without problems. Recommend. =) !!!