Learn That Song (PLAY Edition) — Looping for the Music app [previously iLift]

Learn That Song (PLAY Edition) — Looping for the Music app [previously iLift]

By rCreativ

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2012-05-10
  • Current Version: 2.6.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 3.59 MB
  • Developer: rCreativ
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 45 Reviews)
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Learn That Song (PLAY Edition) — Looping for the Music app [previously iLift] App Ratings: 4
Total 45 Reviews

Learn That Song (PLAY Edition) — Looping for the Music app [previously iLift] App Description

"Play music by ear" Learn That Song (PLAY Edition) is a musical assistant that helps you learn to play your favourite songs. It can control the Music app (including streaming Apple Music songs), loop parts of a song, display a waveform, and rewind or fast forward like a tape player. Use your ears to learn jazz solos, fiddle tunes, math rock, indigenous music, classical pieces, Lady Gaga… Whatever grooves you, this app will help you develop your listening ability. * * * FEATURES * * * 1. See and scroll. A fluid, scrollable waveform allows you to quickly and visually access different areas of the song. No need to pinch and zoom to go back and forth between large and small scales because both are visible simultaneously. 2. Tapedeck-style playback. Say goodbye to accidentally pressing the 'rewind' button and losing your place in the song. You probably want to go back 'just a bit', so that's what the rewind button does: tap to jump back two seconds; hold to seek backwards. 3. Play that again, and again, and again, and… Create a loop and set in and out points by tapping the buttons or dragging the sliders. With unlimited loops, you can have one for intro, verse, chorus, solo, head, coda… 4. To the left, to the right. To save time, you can set a loop to the correct number of bars and then just shift to the left or right. This lets you practice in musical sections without re-creating the same loop several times. 5. Über comfort. The playback buttons are large and positioned in a way that natural for your hands. You can play, pause, and rewind without looking at the screen. 6. ALL THE TAGS. You can finally see all of the musical metadata without truncation, including the title, artist, album, composer, and release date. * * * TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS * * * • Control the Music app • Control Apple Music songs while streaming • Start playing from the Music app and continue here • Loop sections or the entire song • Save unlimited loops • See and scroll waveform of song • Coarse speed change • Rewind and fast forward like a tape player • Navigate playlists • Repeat songs, albums, or playlists • View metadata (Title, Artist, Album, etc…) without truncation • Play songs from the Music app • Stream songs via AirPlay • No file management: works with any song in the Music app • VoiceOver support • No complicated instructions • Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch * * * SUPPORT/FEEDBACK * * * From within the app, tap the question mark icon, then select 'Send Feedback'. * * * TWO FLAVOURS * * * Learn That Song comes in two flavours - REMIX and PLAY. Both of them have similar features and share the same look and feel. Use REMIX Edition to change the speed, key, or tuning of the song; it has high quality sound adjustments. Use PLAY Edition to work with playlists or streaming Apple Music songs. It's like a remote control for the Music app, so you can start playing there and finish here! Both will be useful on your musical journey. * * * QUOTES * * * "Use it daily. Favorite music app." "allows me to spend the least amount of time touching my iPad and the most time actually picking up notes and wrtiting them down on my sheet. I'm already transcribing my third song and it's really quite fun" "Very easy to use. I play bass and just learned a song with this app. I was able to do everything with one hand and keep the other on my instrument." "Beautiful and very comfortable interface. The app is very simple and allows you to do with eye gestures what other applications are making it more complicated." "Simply the best and easiest app I have ever used!! Super easy to figure out and I use it all the time. A must have for musicians!!!" "This app has certainly increased my musical potential." "It's very easy to use and a wonderful tool for language learners." "It's manna!" "It's obvious this app was designed by a musician who needed a better music player for learning and practicing songs."


Learn That Song (PLAY Edition) — Looping for the Music app [previously iLift] App Screenshots

Learn That Song (PLAY Edition) — Looping for the Music app [previously iLift] App Reviews

  • It’s ok but....

    By Dresgerg
    I was under the impression that I could slow down guitar lick to hear it cleaner. Not sure what the metronome icon does to bring it to a minimum of 66% (whatever that means). I had a free app “song loop” that was great and very simplistic interface and could save songs edits. This seems to fall short of that. Appreciate the response but the tempo does not slow down or even speed up (66%-125%) when using the metronome icon. iOS 11.4. Which is not a new release. Otherwise would change the rating. But as of now I would NOT recommend the app. Thanks Again, thank you for the multiple response. Good communication. I’ll upgrade to 12. I can confidently recommend this app. The developer seems committed to a quality product.
  • Mentronome doesn’t work

    By epicfdgd
    Tempo would change despite moving it down to 66%. Not intuitive to use.
  • Great app

    By StevierayJohn
    I've been using this app for years now and it has really been an affordable option for learning guitar licks and riffs by ear. Great for transcribing. It may experience some small bugs now and then but the interface is incredibly easy to use. After years the developer is still updating and correcting bugs with each iOS update. I think I've been using this app for roughly 3 years now and it has never let me down.
  • I love the app but the only prob is...

    By AzBooda
    I love to write music! and one of the ways I write is by looping my beats. When I exit out of the app to go to my writing app, it no longer loops! Please fix this!! There is NO OTHER app that can do that and I think it’s an essential part of learning music. Pretty please!!!
  • Glitchy

    By iDre416
    A musicians dream! Concepts and and the interface is awesome. I just wish it would respond to my touches and not be so glitchy. It’s make it frustrating to use it when you’re trying to learn a song. 5 start if the bugs are fixed. It worked seemly before the iOS 11 update. I think the problem may lie in the new feature where the app is trying to steam the song from the library rather than actually opening the song in the app.
  • Connect it with Spotify please!!!

    By Treysean
    Great app but it I want to be able to connect it with other music playing apps (Spotify, SoundCloud, etc)
  • Indispensible Guitar Tool

    By Deltalux
    Many thanks to the creator of this app. I reach for it every time I need to learn a song.
  • Love it

    By Where's Expo?
    At first I found this app a little confusing but the more I used it the more I realized how well designed it was. The best thing about it is its well-designed A-B repeat feature. As a classical singer, I use it to repeatedly play back small segments within a larger piece, and particularly small segments that are of greater than average difficulty. This helps me master them very quickly. You could not ask for a better tool for that. It is also very easy to change the A and B points as you go. It basically lets you select any of the songs already found in your device's music application, and then lets you modify their playback in accordance with your needs. While my primary need is an easy to use A-B repeat feature, it also allows you to speed up or slow down playback without changing the pitch. (A different version of this app also allows you to change the key in which a song plays back, but that one only allows you to load one song at a time, so this is the one to get if the music you're trying to memorize is saved on multiple tracks.) The only negatives are: (1) the lack of a good set of instructions built into the app, (2) if using it on an iPad, it only displays in landscape mode and (3) I would love it if the repeat feature would continue to work when you are in a different app reading the lyrics you are trying to memorize. These are not major drawbacks though. As to the lack of a good set of instructions, you can quickly learn what you need by trial and error(or by sending an email to the designer). This has quickly become an indispensable app for me.
  • Very helpful!

    By Towner Fan
    I couldn't learn the Holdsworth solo to "In the Dead of Night" without this!
  • Lack of instructions limits the usefulness

    By ChaWha
    I am using this app to learn several songs (drums) including In my time of dying (From physical graphiti) I want to save several sections of this song and work these parts individually. I was looking for your quick start guide and sent an email from the app with no response So is the not app to channel my inner John Henry Bonham