Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

By James Holmes

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2012-01-17
  • Current Version: 3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 118.73 MB
  • Developer: James Holmes
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    3.5/5 ( 183 Reviews)
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Past Life Regression App Ratings: 3.5
Total 183 Reviews

Past Life Regression App Description

Do you think you may have had a past life? Now you can uncover the secret to who you were! Have you met somebody for the first time but felt like you’d known them for years? Do you occasionally know what another person is going to say before they say it, or feel that a place you are visiting for the first time feels familiar? Would you like to know who you were? Maybe find out who your friends were or what you did for a living? Would you like to know why you have certain unexplained habits and ways of behaving or beliefs that are stopping you from becoming the person you want to be? Would you like to improve your self-esteem, concentration, motivation or confidence? This meditation track can help you recall your past lives, and this app has everything you need to do just that.
Past Life regression using meditation may help you resolve problems in this life as you discover events in your past life that may be locking you into unwanted behaviors in this life. Many people have freed themselves from negative behavior patterns that are holding them back financially or in their career. Fears and phobias can be explained and resolved by experiencing a past life regression and even health and emotional problems have been improved. Discover how you could benefit by taking your own past life regression using this app. Many people who have experienced a past life regression tell how they have become more at peace with themselves, more confident and motivated and begin to achieve goals that previously that they had thought would be too difficult for them to achieve. Past Life Regression is an effective way to help you discover why you have become the person you are and how you can change to have a happier more fulfilled future. Start your journey to a happier future by experiencing your past lives using this app. You will have the best and most effective results by using headphones to listen to this app. Please remember to not drive or operate machinery while listening to this app. Please note that the Past Life feature of this app is an in-app upgrade. This amazing app features: * Future Life Progression Journey Meditation * Journey Music (Music for your own past life meditation) * Guide Information – Information about taking your past life journey * In App Purchase for the Past Life Regression Journey & and further ‘Have I had a Past Life’ Questions Enjoy Your Journey! * Please note that although this app is rated at 4+ age group, it is not recommended that anyone under the age of 16 downloads the past life feature. Children under the age of 16 will however, benefit from using the free Journey music included with this app to aid relaxation and sleep.


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Past Life Regression App Reviews

  • Just Entertainment

    By Majorityleader
    Please indicated as entertainment + a fast speaking short lecture!?
  • Great app

    By Pineapple Jess
    Works, y'all just need to update it before its no longer available on the next os update
  • I feel more relaxed than ever!

    By Cuteness is fun!
    I saw myself walking through this narrow lane in a village with two buildings surrounding it. Then I walked into a more open area and a dirt path was going to this apartment or hotel. I walked in the building and walked into the first door I saw as it was where I lived. I saw myself and I was wearing this blue flower vintage dress with copper hair and wearing only socks. I was a child that looked about 10 years old. In the room was two beds with this closet and a nightstand between them. In there I saw a lady as if she was my mother or grandmother. Then at the end I saw myself being floated through this white light tunnel and I went through then saw myself laying on my bed in my exact room and I opened my eyes and I was relaxed a lot. This helped!
  • Odd

    By Jssikeoeoeo
    The past life regression does work. I was in a room with a nazi-uniform killing a woman and presumably her child
  • Nick

    By Lustyshade
    The past life was blurry at first. Though I was standing on a street, cobblestone most likely. Maybe gravel I'm not sure. An old style of roadwork for sure. My clothes were quite adorning and I felt proud and blessed. I had black hair, slightly curled and a black beard. Could have been dark brown though it looked black. Taking the step into the future I had a wife with brown hair. And we were in a very eloquent room. Turned out to be in a castle. Not too large of a castle though a castle none the less. When I was finished with the journey I have the name Andrew and Lilian in my head. Though I felt that the names weren't quite right. I did some research and found the people who I saw so vividly to be myself and a wife. King Alfred of Wessex and his wife Queen Ealswith. Exact match. I am so excited!
  • Amazing

    By Bbbbbrrrrrrrreeeeeee
    In my future I was riding horses in a beautiful feild of flowers. I was with a guy and my white dress was blowing in the wind. He reached across and we held hands. I two adorable little girls laughing and smiling and coming back and hugging or legs. I lived in a house with horses and I had my own successful hair business at my house. It's almost too good to be real.
  • past life regression

    By BeBegawjusss
    even in the beginning i started feeling really really sad on this beach it told me to imagine myself on. i never been so relaxed (its hard for me relax in general) but as i went on i saw myself as this beautiful woman who distinctively felt different than the other woman in my time. it was before the 1800's but not so far back. i just remember being physically abused by my husband i think, this guy who i was really in love with, pushed me on the floor he was mad, furious because i'm not being the conservative woman im supposed to be. (i felt like i was a strong independent woman who was fighting for women rights) and he didnt like that. but i connected with this guy on a soul level and i remember feeling and just knowing he caused me to have a miscarriage. i just felt so sad. like i almost started to cry physically because i felt it so intense. i really loved this guy. then it started to bring me back to my physical body. my beliefs right now i dont want any kids and i feel like I'm meant to fight for woman period. and as a child i saw my mom get beat up but she never had a miscarriage. idont know it freaked me out a little.
  • This was amazing!

    By Mandee620479
    I was a little uneasy about this. I was sure that it was a fake and was willing to take my chances. I listened to the future and I experienced something so real. I was 23, and it was my wedding. I was in a large church, it was gorgeous with stain glass windows. I could see my mother out in the stands and my little sister, my best friend, and my spouse. I knew I loved this man even though it was only an image. I was wearing a beautiful, white dress that scarped the floor only a bit, my brown hair was in an elegant. The dress was tight until about mid-thin went it flared out. My spouse was only a bit talker than me. I was 5"11 and he was about 6ft. He had blazing blue eyes and a perfect smile. I was older than him but only by 3 months. I knew him in school. I won't say him name though. I had known him since 6th grade which is now. I had lost alot of weight also, and was very tan which isn't surprising since I am Puerto Rican. A few years into the future I had have birth to a beautiful baby girl. I was crying even after, tears of joy of course. This changed my life, it doesn't cost money unless you do the past. It 30 minutes and its honestly worth it. Enjoy.
  • Re-Install

    By Ashlet02
    I do love this app. I am saddened that after factory resetting my phone, I lost my inapp purchase. Its asking to pay again for the upgrade. Is there a restore purchases option? I haven't been able to find it.
  • A little girl

    By Hipeople0
    I was really anxious about doing this, but I was still in a relaxed state, when I was coming down the balcony to the garden I see a little girl probably at the age of 7 waiting for me which startled me because I don't know of she was my person who was suppose to accompany me on my journey and if she was she was early in the audio for that which I decided to take myself out of it.