Timepassages Pro

Timepassages Pro

By AstroGraph Software

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2011-12-02
  • Current Version: 1.94
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 133.29 MB
  • Developer: AstroGraph Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 561 Reviews)
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Timepassages Pro App Ratings: 4.5
Total 561 Reviews

Timepassages Pro App Description

Gorgeous color charts with insightful interpretations make TimePassages Pro the most advanced astrology app available. Great for beginners as well as experienced astrologers, TimePassages Pro now makes astrology more accessible than ever before. Using the same powerful engine behind our award-winning desktop software, we’ve condensed all the following features into one great app: Current Astrology * Up to the minute chart of the current astrology is a finger tap away. * Using your phone’s GPS, the app can optionally center the chart on your current position. * Moon phases and upcoming Mercury retrograde periods are placed on the home screen for easy reference. ** Unlimited Birth Charts ** * Quickly create charts with insightful interpretations of each feature * Interact with professionally accurate color charts using pinch zooming. * Allows you to enter and save your profiles with pictures for friends & family. * Create as many birth charts as you like with no additional purchase. * Instantly share your charts with friends via email or Twitter. Unlimited Transits & Progressions * Compare your birth chart to the current transits or progressions in a bi-wheel. * Enjoy complete interpretations for transiting or progressed planet positions & aspects. * Provides date ranges for each transit so you can find windows of opportunity. * Optionally include parallel and contra-parallel aspects to natal positions. Compare with Friends * Our new Compatibility Meter scores the relationship between any two profiles. * Find out your potentials in romance, money, communication and more. * View the comparison bi-wheel chart and list of fully interpreted aspects. * Discover the unique chemistry between any two people with insightful interpretations. Amazing Interpretations * The only app available that provides such penetrating accuracy. * Includes over 2500 paragraphs for every planetary position & aspect, including Chiron. * Uses the same acclaimed readings that you know and love from our desktop software. Free Daily Horoscopes * Read accurate & insightful personalized horoscopes every day. * Unlike most horoscopes, ours are generated specifically for your unique birth chart. * Provides the most accurate reading possible using the current day's transits. Many More Features * Aspects are organized from strongest to weakest so you can prioritize your reading time. * In-depth glossary of zodiac signs, planetary bodies, moon phases and other astrological terms. * Review previous transit data associated with each chart. * Categorize your charts into friends, family, events, and more. * At a glance, see how close each aspect is, in terms of degrees. * And much more! Reviews “A breakthrough in astrology apps. It's technically advanced enough to satisfy a professional astrologer while packed with interpretations that are perfect for students and astrology fans. The text and technical quality are top notch.” - Jeff Jawer, Professional Astrologer “This is a dynamo of an app. It's packed and comprehensive. It works really hard for you and makes your smart phone even smarter.” - Dorothy Oja, Professional Astrologer “‘If you’re an iPhone user, then you’re in luck, because you can do quite a lot with TimePassages Pro.” - Sasstrology.com With TimePassages Pro, you have access to the most advanced astrology features available on a mobile device, truly putting the wisdom of the heavens into the palm of your hand!


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Timepassages Pro App Reviews

  • 💫

    I love this app! Although, it would be nice if the synastry/compare charts options included interpretations of person a’s personal planets in person b’s houses, rather than having two separate interpretations for the planet in the sign and the symbolism of the house it is in.
  • Summaries

    By Wingspreader77
    Team, most summaries are awesome, particularly regarding aspects etc on birth charts. Here’s where I see a few needed improvements. 1. Have the same quality summaries for progressed charts rather than just breaking down the meaning of each planet/house etc, leaving everything up to the client to interpret. I purchased your software for those interpretations. 2. Let’s get those aspect summaries for nodes, pars, Lilith, vertex etc completes and accessible. 3. A couple mix ups. One I know of is Sun sextile Neptune summary in comparison chart is titled Sun sextile Neptune but the description is for Sun square Neptune Thank you,
  • Honestly not worth it

    By Fetch_barbie
    Paid $30 and they don’t even have descriptions for most stuff. Only the simple stuff. May as well have kept the free version. You can get everything on this app for free on different websites that have aspect calculators, transits, compatability. Just google.
  • No true lilith; missing interpretations

    By Djinni000000
    Whether you set mean or true node calculation, lilith is only computed from mean calculation. Interpretations are repeated for signs and planets that rule those signs. The graphics are nice, but hard to see all jumble of aspects. It would be great to touch a planet in the chart and only see it’s aspects overlayed, and have the other aspects on that chart hidden until you pick your finger back up, to make the chart aspects easier to see. No interpretations available for lunar nodes, or any of the asteroids or centaurs, vertex or fortuna.
  • The background makes me nauseous.

    By Lilahcakes
    I like the app. I really do! But, I keep hoping they will eventually allow for the background to be altered. After only five minutes I get so nauseous ( I know it sounds crazy lol) but the black background design makes me crazy nauseated. It’s like reading a book in the car for me but in this instance I’m sitting in my house.
  • Great App

    By Mesha3
    The app is great. Very detailed and on point most days. The only issue I have is downloading the app to my new iPhone without having to buy it all over again. That’s expensive! Can you help?
  • GPS Not Working

    By D Ranks
    Jus purchased the upgrade and I can’t get the GPS to work. For the price that I paid can some fix the issue.
  • Best Astrology App on the Market

    By iArcRod
    Superb mobile app for a beginner in astrology. Would love the full desktop version. Steep price however tbh. Looking out for a sale 👀.
  • Comprehensive impressive and amazing

    By MyMaybelle
    Everything right here...thank you!
  • No updates in two years. Fix the bugs

    By mistamusick
    This is a good app, but should be a great app given the cost. Please fix the errors. See other reviews for the errors. I have the same ones