Mantis Bible Study

Mantis Bible Study

By Mantis Bible Company

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2008-07-29
  • Current Version: 10.1.53
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 90.90 MB
  • Developer: Mantis Bible Company
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    3.5/5 ( 12,083 Reviews)
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Mantis Bible Study App Ratings: 3.5
Total 12,083 Reviews

Mantis Bible Study App Description

Note: We offer over 200 add-on resources for Mantis Bible Study. These resources can be purchased from our web site In addition, most of these resources can be purchased via "In App Purchase" from the Apple App Store. Mantis Bible Study is the most advanced Bible Study Tool available for any mobile platform. A long list of unique features make Mantis Bible Study stand out as the premier tool for accessing the Bible on the iPhone: Flexible content: •Comes with the full King James text •Works offline -- no network connection is necessary for reading and studying [Note: A network connection is required in order to load new resources and to sync your data between devices.] •Additional Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals and other books can be purchased and installed immediately. Check for available titles Great navigation options: •Quick History •Quick-reference chapter and section headers •Grid Mode •Tap the book name to navigate book, chapter, verse Fantastic study tools: •Flexible "Markers" easily create bookmarks, notes, and highlights in all sorts of styles and formats •WYSIWYG Note Editor •Live Scripture References inside personal notes Plus much, much more!

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App Reviews

  • Great software.

    By Skeens04
    My wife and I love this software. Keeps getting better. Thanks Mantis!!!
  • What happened to the search engine?

    By Ken Huge
    Since I grew up on the KJV, I still use it to search for scriptures. The Mantis app used to be great for scripture searches. Just enter a couple of key words and voila! It was done. However, since the ‘new and improved’ version came out, it does not work well at all. For instance, if you were searching for 2 Samuel 11:1, you could enter the words kings and battle and it would come up quickly. But no longer. The search would produce “0” results under the new version. My go to app is no longer reliable for this.
  • Amazing Update!

    By JHArtistry
    I wanted to thank the developers for the great update for iOS11. I've used this app from the beginning with several add-ons purchased. It is the best and fastest Bible app to get to the chapter, verse, and references I use. Thank you for being very active with all the latest updates.
  • Chas

    By Chaster18
    Thanks for total ruin of app update.
  • Update. Still needs major improvement

    By SpouttinOff
    This was supposed to be a big improvement but I don’t see how. The entire layout has changed to the point where it not only looks like a whole different app, it behaves like one. Bringing up side by side comparisons is more cumbersome than it used to be, bookmarking isn’t what it used to be. Well, they fixed the search problem but it’s still more complicated than it should be. I.e. for me to be able to highlight text in NASS, I have to go into settings, turn off Strong’s, exit settings, highlight my text (which is still complicated) go back into settings, turn Strong’s back on, and then exit settings. I have an idea..... bring back the old Mantis, make it iOS 11 compatible, and call it Mantis Original. Problem solved.
  • Not Good, But Getting Better

    By Nick7645
    10.1.44 (11/11/17) • List Selection Okay, the List Selection only applies to verses. The 'app description' for 10.1.44 says this applies to books and chapters too. Clear that up. Secondly, make the List Selection another view option, not just underneath the verse boxes. Allow people to choose whether they want to see boxes or lists (for books and chapters too). • Navigation The Navigation feature at the bottom of the the screen is truly wonderful. It's quick, easy to use, and just makes sense. Everyone is used to an interface like this. However, screen size has been cropped. Maybe you're working on hiding this issue already, I don't know. *You need to build in code that allows the user to double-tap for full screen. This would fix two issues at once: the need for the bottom of the screen menu bar to disappear, and the ability that everyone wants: full screen. • Notes Options Finally, we still need to be able to access the function to quickly add notes (some pastors talk fast and by the time we get to the "marker" tab, it's too late), quickly add bookmarks, highlight, etc. We should be able to touch a verse number, bookmark it or add a note right there, and move on. • Final Thoughts Folks, the things people are complaining about or missing from the previous version of Mantis are what made this app one of the best Bible Study apps out there. It's disappointing that there was no warning about how drastically different this Mantis X would be, and, with it being so different, there was no tutorial or explanation about how to use the app. Keep working at it. Things are slowly getting better with the List Selection and Menu bar at the bottom. Keep listening to feedback. Thanks for reading. 10.0 (9/26/17) I have really enjoyed this app in the past. However, with this new X version, the user experience is not what it once was. Great aspects from the previous user interface are now gone such as: • Double-tapping for full screen, or even the option of full screen, • The ability to quickly access books, chapters, verses, and commentaries with the corner navigation (this was not amazing, and it had flaws, but at least it was fast), • Swiping for previous/next chapter, and • Chapter selection. Now, it takes significantly longer to access those references. You cannot quickly add notes, or bookmarks (not sure how to even do this now). The user interface is more complicated than before. A tutorial on how to use the app would be amazing (not that a Bible app should need one). Loading times are much longer, and there are hardly any settings options. The overall aesthetic is nice. But the unnecessary book colors really breaks the clean look. Honestly, the older version was fantastic compared to this. It was relatively fast, and simple to use, and navigation made sense. I would really like to see these issues addressed in the coming weeks.
  • Resurrected app! Praise the Lawd!

    By Gray Cloud
    The app is back! Restored purchases with no problem. Long-time user disappointed by gap in not updating. Had to follow directions to restore purchases but couldn’t restore notes from before Apple shut down the previous version. The look is different and doesn’t have their unique navigation corners anymore (iPhone X gestures probably made that impossible) but it’s great to once again be able to view multiple lines of text, display side-by-side verse comparisons, add “notes” to verses, and copy text without citations being automatically added like other Bible apps. Welcome back to my regular Bible study routine, Mantis.
  • Junk!

    By Dino96
    3~4 updates for the past 3weeks results in an app that freezes to a white screen upon opening. Can't do anything with it. This app used to be good, now it's junk. I'm deleting it! My recommendation is to find another bible app and stay away from this since the developers don't seem to know Apple codes.
  • Back and better than ever.

    By The Big Bengal
    This is by far my favorite bible app. I’ve used it for ten years. The recent update was long overdue but it’s finally here and I love it. I’m able to see the original Greek and Hebrew words and their definitions with just a tap. Commentaries on each verse are a click away. I do wish they would bring back being able to turn the page with a swipe anywhere on the screen instead of having to click at the top arrow but that’s minor. Thank you for the update. Love this app.

    By namelesstwo
    Update 2: A few days ago I installed the new version of this App, and to my surprise it first asked me to "Log In" and stayed connected in order to use it, otherwise I could only use the old vanilla stripped down KJV version without the Strong's Numbers, red lettering, and other things included in the Study version that I had paid for years ago. That is preposterous! More over, it also showed me a page asking me for personal information that the app doesn't need in order to work. Why does the developer want our personal info to log in, and stay logged in, to use the full App? So our personal data gets stored in their servers? This seems like total commercialization of the Sacred Scriptures by not just being happy to get $17.95 for an App that although is good, it's way overpriced. I hope the developer changes this App to the way it was before, and not let greed get on their way, by trying to additionally monetize our personal info. In the meantime, I have deleted the App and started using another one that doesn't need any log in tricks. My recommendation to all users is to avoid this App until the developer changes it, so we can use it like we did before the update. Update: This app, and probably ALL of Mantis apps, are 32 bits thus won't work with 64 bit iOS 11, meaning they're good for about 3 more months. So, if you're upgrading your iOS to v11 or buying a new iDevice in 3 months, you better consider another Bible app if you want to keep studying the Bible. I'm running iOS 10.2.1 and when I try to open the app, it shows the message that the developer needs to update it, then it crashes. The most expensive app in my iPhone and it's now totally worthless. Don't buy this. It's a total ripoff!