NJM SafeDrive

NJM SafeDrive

By New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2018-07-23
  • Current Version: 3.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 139.04 MB
  • Developer: New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    2/5 ( 20 Reviews)
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NJM SafeDrive App Ratings: 2
Total 20 Reviews

NJM SafeDrive App Description

“What is NJM SafeDrive? NJM SafeDrive is a voluntary program designed to encourage safer driving and it provides a discount on your car insurance premium if you choose to participate. It uses a smartphone app to capture driving behavior and provide feedback on your acceleration, braking, cornering, distracted driving, and speed. How does it work? NJM SafeDrive runs in the background while you drive. It captures your driving behaviors and assigns scores for acceleration, speed, braking, cornering, and distracted driving (handling or interaction with the smartphone while the vehicle is in motion). The app provides an overall score for each trip, which is uploaded to your account. You don’t have to worry about using any data – the app allows you to upload your trip information only over a Wi-Fi connection. Users can review past trips in the app’s logbook to see how their driving scores have changed over time. How do I enroll? NJM car insurance customers should contact us at 1-800-232-6600. Once you’re enrolled in the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions for downloading and setting up the app. Sign up for NJM SafeDrive and start saving today!”


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NJM SafeDrive App Reviews

  • Deeply flawed

    By zz1087
    This app is deeply flawed and should not be allowed for usage. The developer understands neither app design nor driving. Once it detects a motor-vehicle-like motion/vibration, it consumes all the battery of my iPhone 7 Plus. I often run out with full battery, once I got in my car driving, the battery is dead in 3-4 hours without any other usage. After the phone is changed, it shows this app used >98% battery for the last 24 hours. This is insane. The developer doesn’t understand driving either. If I have the phone in my chest pocket, when I turn or lean over to check blind spots, it records it as distracted driving. If I take a PATH train ride between Newark and World Trade Center, it still records me as the driver in personal vehicle. How could this be? For much of the ride, there are no roads along the rail tracks. This shows how lacking the backend design is. This app is just bad, please pull it and re-release it only when it is actually usable.
  • Picks up bicycle rides as distracted driving

    By Andrzej Zuranski
    The app often detects a trip when I commute on my bicycle. Only a short part of the bike trip is recorded and often picks up distracted driving although the phone is in my bike bag. This is extremely annoying. Please do not assume shakes from a bicycle ride is distracted driving!
  • Needs a ton of work

    By Banana-Slug Potato Eater
    Get a low score for “distracted driving” because you plug your phone into the charger while at a red light. Get a low score for “cornering speed” because you’re getting off a major highway off ramp. Get a low score for making a 90 degree turn when that’s exactly what you have to do. Get an extremely low score, almost 0, for speed limit. Good luck not getting run off the road when everyone else is doin 10mph over. Is it worth a few dollars for a discount? Doubtful.
  • App is not good

    By Zoe8891
    I keep receiving error message.
  • Needs to be updated

    By Brey85
    This app does not work. It freezes on one screen & glitches with an error message and does not allow u to click on any other tabs so this app is in need of a serious update before it can track anybody’s driving accurately.
  • Incorrect Readings

    By Lolo26blickman
    Every time I’m a passenger it records and gives me low scores! This app has serious flaws and needs an option if you’re the passenger or driver!
  • Flawed

    By Renee-NJ
    So this app is s good idea I suppose but it has major flaws. I guess it is working while I am driving but most times when I want to check to see how I am doing after my car is parked, I get an error message at the bottom of the screen and neither the leader board or dash board will not load. The message specifically says “an error had occurred, please try again later”. On the few occasions that it did work, I scored very well; but, I agree with the other reviewer in terms of the speed limit during highway driving. Going to slow or maintaining a steady speed of 55 is difficult because other people are honking and driving around you even in the slow lane and sometimes they tailgate making me feel nervous as if they are going to run into me because I’m going to slow.
  • Needs improvement, good idea

    By KGH_Anon
    The idea behind the app is good but it needs improvement. No reliability at all. 1. Score depends on the road not your driving: - On highways without traffic, regardless of whether you are over the speed limit, the app scores you a 10. - On local roads, short drives, winding roads, scores are low. - If you are stalled in traffic- nothing to do with your own driving- again scores drop to 40 or lower. 2. Using favorite locations does not provide score for the route - developers should work on improving using analytics- take variables such as ‘real time traffic’ from Waze or other means, road conditions, constructions, distance and speed limits into account to derive s model that will be closer to reality. Get some beta testers or employ field testers to try a few things to check validity of scores.
  • Consistently inconsistent

    By jbs4146
    The app is really buggy. The one thing I’ve learned while using it is that I never know when I can see trip results. It seems to consistently record the trips, but more often than not I can’t open the app to see results. It REALLY needs some work!
  • Big Fat “0”

    By Nk/brklyn
    NJM SAFE DRIVING should not be allowed to track you just to give you a 10% discount. Further more NJM can easily judge your usage based on your movements and make adjustments to your yearly premium, so basically your getting a 10% discount only if the dynamics of the app says so. I don’t like apps on my phone that track you. I stopped uber and lyft for those same reasons. My choice! We should be able to get the discount and sign up for knowledge about safe driving as opposed to being tracked. Therefore I give this app a big fat “0”. When signing up for the discount it was never explained that the app would track, find your car and all of that. This is not cool at all🤯😡😡😡 Fix it