• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-08-10
  • Current Version: 2.6
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 1.40 GB
  • Developer: LIME TURTLE, INC.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 3,183 Reviews)
  • Price:
Nexomon App Ratings: 4.5
Total 3,183 Reviews

Nexomon App Description

Catch, evolve and collect over 300 unique Nexomon! Assemble the ultimate Nexomon team to save your friends and save the world! Clash against legendary champions and become a hero in this epic journey! Game Features • Over 300 Nexomon to catch and train. • Evolve your Nexomon into new and powerful forms. • Universal App! Play on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. • iCloud support. Backup your data and play on all your devices! • Get exclusive Nexomon iMessage stickers! • A deep and engaging battle system. • Mighty and unique legendary Nexomon, find all eight of them! • Embark on an epic adventure to save the world from the Nexomon King! • Battle powerful and challenging foes in the Nexoworld. • Select from seven unique starters. • Explore all 10 colorful and vibrant regions. • Fully animated monsters, prepare to enjoy the most exciting battles! • High Quality gaming experience like no other! Follow us on social media for the latest news: Facebook: Instagram: nexomon_official


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Nexomon App Reviews

  • Are you kidding me?

    By 😺😻meow
    There was a lag that deleted half of my progress! I was in the middle of fighting Omnicron then it just lagged me out of the game, and now I have to redo the whole part. 😠😫
  • Update!?

    By ViceDaDuke
    I need the next part of the game!!
  • Love it!!

    By Dvdburt
    This is one of my very favorite games. I could not put it down, although I work a full time job (I’m a manager at Gamestop) and have a full time life at home! With my job I have a huge selection of games, but I still have to put this game in as one of my top 5! Please tell us there will be another one! I promise you if you download this, you will be hooked to the end.
  • Amazing Game !!!

    By Cartera128
    So many hours of fun and great times. I can’t for the 2nd one to come out !!!!

    By Nikgpdgkidh
    Looking forward to catching all the legendaries and Nexomon
  • Account charged but no gems

    By Kinokarume
    Update: Their Customer Support Team is phenomenal! I sent a support request around 12:00 am and they got back to me within 10 minutes. Not only was the issue resolved their overall tone was friendly. If I could rate this higher I would! Not even Apple Support is this helpful lol. Review: Overall the game is amazing! It incorporates a lot of Pokémon elements but has a distinctly unique feel. It reminds me of an old iOS game where the user hopped from world to world defeating the bosses and capturing the monsters from each world. The gameplay is great HOWEVER, and I don’t believe the developers would intentionally do this, the in game shop is currently bugged. I purchased a gem bundle and the counter for the purchase ticked up from 6 seconds to well over a minute. After force shutting down the app it confirmed my purchase but never exchanged the gems. I am currently sitting on a pending charge with no in game currency. I’ve sent a support email and will change this review to reflect my game experience once the issue is resolved. Thanks!
  • Reminds me of Pokémon

    By AirBud-_-
    Very well designed and animated. Love how you can never forget moves and change them out for epic combinations. Wish there was a detailed Database like the Poke’dex but at least it tells you when they evolve and how rare they are. I just caught a special monster in the wild. I plan to find all 7. What’s Nex? :)
  • Very good game

    By StickyIckyBlunt
    I have nothing bad to say about this game. It reminds me so much of Pokémon. Thank you for making such a wonderful game!
  • A simple list of Positives and negatives

    By 81265
    *This is nothing like Pokémon. I don’t know what people are talking about. It’s not a bad game but it’s way different and personally, it pales in comparison to any of the Pokémon games, even the first generation of them. However, it may seem refreshing to someone who’s gotten tired of Pokémon’s formula or wants something way less open-world. It’s also inferior in terms of depth and strategy. There’s little back-tracking. +bright and beautiful aesthetics -the robot is so freaking irritating. What am I, 5? +lots of monsters... grinding isn’t as much of a chore -extremely linear, lots of hand-holding, zero secrets to find -progress walls in every single “level”; either you grind all 6 of your creatures or you tame 6 more (the tamed creatures are the appropriate level for that “level”) +hidden gems; gems can be earned, not just bought -finite number of gems. Even if you get every single hidden gem, you won’t have enough to buy everything. You will never be able to buy everything without real money. -no strategic depth. Debuffs are a joke; they only knock you out for a turn. Some attacks vastly overpower others. -Everyone’s violent for zero reason. You never speak, which makes you seem dumb. No difficult puzzles or figuring. No secret passageways; even gems are in plain sight. You just have to explore everywhere, which is easy, just time-consuming. +capture rate is fine so far. 10 or less. And traps are extremely cheap. +money is super easy to earn -can’t sell unneeded items -no breeding. No genders (of creatures). No naming. No “friendship points”. These creatures aren’t alive; they’re like commodities. -no control settings; decent controls +pleasant music -I would rather know how many coins I have, not gems, in the top right corner +in-game timer for speed runs I guess -team doesn’t follow you while you walk :/ +you actually walk at a decent pace. Fast travel item isn’t too needed -multiplier costs 480 gems and trust me, it’s needed. You start off with 250 by default. You can earn 10 per “level”. Which means you can only buy it 23 “levels” in. That’s a looong way away. No, there isn’t infinite number of levels and every hidden gem has a pre-defined location. I haven’t finished the game, so who knows, maybe you’ll be given a hundred more gems down the line. +absolutely no penalty for dying... this is a casual game lol -water creatures are rare. Maybe it’s because I chose a fire starter, idk. If you intend to have an introduction to monster-catching RPGs, you’d best play a Pokémon game instead. There’s a reason why games like this one want to copy that series. Start from the original that inspired it all.
  • It’s Pokémon

    By GaelicDragons
    If you want an iOS game exactly like the old Nintendo Pokémon games this is it. Right down to the same grass. It’s extremely plot driven to the point where sometimes you wish the characters would stop talking already so you can go kill stuff. There’s some funny things too like the power rangers. I would highly recommend buying an exp multiplier early in the game. Otherwise you’ll be grinding forever and walking for hours to get back to a healing center when your Nexomon die. Yeah it’s $5 but compared to how much a Nintendo game used to cost it’s worth it. However, I removed some stars because in the app description it talks about a netherworld and I can’t figure out how to get to this area. Support does not respond on Facebook.