Battleheart 2

Battleheart 2

By Mika Mobile, Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-07-12
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 438.15 MB
  • Developer: Mika Mobile, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 606 Reviews)
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Battleheart 2 App Ratings: 4
Total 606 Reviews

Battleheart 2 App Description

Welcome back to the world of Battleheart! In this stunning sequel to 2011's hit mobile RPG, you'll take command of a party of heroes and slay hordes of monsters in frantic, realtime battles that will put your reflexes to the test. With each victory you'll face ever greater dangers, and grow more powerful through a robust equipment and skill system offering vast combinations of heroes, items and abilities. Features: • 12 unique heroes to build your party from, including mages, knights, necromancers, samurai, and more! • Customize your heroes' abilities by selecting among 20 talents that augment their powers. • Play alone, or enjoy co-op multiplayer supporting up to 4 players. • 20+ unique monsters to battle, including 5 challenging bosses. • 130+ unique items to collect and arm your heroes with. • iCloud support for backing up your progress, or transferring to a new device. • Adjustable difficulty, allowing the game to be enjoyed by seasoned players and beginners alike.


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Battleheart 2 App Reviews

  • Battleheart 2

    By capclanc
    While Battleheart Legacy and the original Battleheart were absolute hits, this new game is a pretty big disappointment. They mixed the combat system between the first two games, and it feels awful. I don’t want to play the old Battleheart. Still no PVP after years of everyone asking, and still the same classes with the same abilities. If Mika Mobile actually listened to their customers, Battleheart 2 could’ve been more successful than Battleheart Legacy. This game gets 2 stars because Mika Mobile won’t ever add any dlc content or updates, nor respond to anyone’s opinions or concerns with the game. Save your money and play Battleheart 1 or Legacy instead.
  • Worst of the series

    By Ironmanmason
    Been planned Mika games since the beginning and by far this is the worse. Beat the game in eight hours level 23. Light that’s it or the other games took a long time and I have much more better content. This is a half-work project with old content for four bucks. There’s no point of leveling after you complete the game There’s no point of collecting legendary items There’s no point of doing arena the content redundancy is sad along with storyline and bland abilities it’s 2018 and I’ve been waiting for this for 1.5 years
  • A Shadow of Battleheart Legacy

    By Chi50
    This is but a shadow of its predecessor. No plot. The battles get a bit repetitive, and surprisingly short. Especially for a sequel. It’s a fun game, but not an RPG in any sense of the word. Disappointing.
  • *sad face*

    By Swfoxtrot
    I waited so long for this sequel and I’m sad to say I’m disappointed. I loved the first one and consider it one of my top 3 iPhone games. But this just doesn’t feel the same
  • Guess devs gave up when they saw reviews

    By hangel11
    Has there been a more disappointing game in memory?
  • Needs update

    By Ge_rumps
    Devs just stopped caring about this game, no updates, dead game.
  • Not as fun as the first Battleheart

    By Verified Review
    Annoyance #1: Here is my biggest annoyance after playing the game for 5 hours. You have to pick your level... do you want to earn: bonus XP, gold, talent points, enchanting gems or one item? I don’t know why this should come as news to a developer that created the original Battleheart, BUT, when someone plays along a mission line, they achieve all those things after they complete the mission. Annoyance #2: hero talents are not linked to leveling up. You get talent points by completing missions and rarely by gaining xp, then you just toss them wherever. On top of that, each time you gain a new talent, the next one costs one more. So one hero that have approximately 23 talents could take a tremendous amount of time to make them better... and that’s if you completely disregard every other hero and never train them. Annoyance #3: the menu for switching characters around, equipping, purchasing equipment, purchasing and reading talents, enchanting items, etc. are all confusing as hell. To simply give one characters stuff to another takes a complicated system of dragging and dropping into multiple areas and half the time it won’t let you drop it unless you equip something in its place. It’s called a user interface (UI) and a terrible game with a great UI is better than a okay game with a terrible UI. Annoyance #4: All the heroes are available for use. You don’t unlock better characters. So it’s anyone’s guess to figure who it better than who. On top of that, if you do figure it out, like I have, then you just always play the same characters all the time because they give you the best chance of winning battles. Annoyance #5: I spent 3000 gold, 20 skill points and 40 enchanting gems to purchase a random legendary item. When checking it’s worth afterwards at the shop... 750 gold. What....? That’s 25% of the gold it cost to get it randomly, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the skill points and gems that took an hour to get. At a minimum, it should be worth 4000 gold. That way you may not always get back your gems and skills, but you get back gold which is easier to get. Annoyance #6: I cannot count how often I try to target an enemy with a character and have them walk past them, near them, away from them... there must be a better way to target enemies. Annoyance #6: after targeting an enemy and using a spell that lulls them to sleep or become frozen, whatever... they wake up when attacked, but the character is on auto attack. So they target them, shoot them, freeze them, and then shoot then. Anyway.... i expected more. I want my original Battleheart days back.
  • Wanted to like it but the gameplay is terribly boring

    By Thisnaneisnottakebblahhh
    The character progression is meh at best and there is no point to the game. The whole concept is to just grind characters but for absolutely no reason.
  • Best Mobile game I’ve played in a long time

    By A3tr1X
    This is easily worth every penny and one of the funnest games I’ve played only two hours in and I’m completely addicted there is no time for proper punctuation in this review Must get to get back to game🤪😬❤️
  • Disappointed

    By roupetr09
    The game could’ve been 100x better if they would’ve put more time into it. No real end game and just way too easy to beat and farm.