Blood Bowl: My Dugout

Blood Bowl: My Dugout

By Games Workshop

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2016-11-25
  • Current Version: 1.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 70.41 MB
  • Developer: Games Workshop
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    2/5 ( 27 Reviews)
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Blood Bowl: My Dugout App Ratings: 2
Total 27 Reviews

Blood Bowl: My Dugout App Description

In the game of Blood Bowl, the roar of the crowd and the chance for glory brings together players and spectators from every race in the Old World. On the pitch, tactical finesse meets wanton, brutal violence in a game where anything can happen (and often does!). 'Blood Bowl: My Dugout' is your must-have companion to the boxed game of fantasy football, allowing you to draft a team and providing you with aids to help you as you play. Expand the app with purchasable content to unlock new teams, new rules and new interactive features! Team Build a team from the choice of Orcs and Humans (more available as downloadable content), or choose one of the two pre-made teams. Add (and name) players, plus Re-Rolls and Fan Factor. Play Run through the pre-match sequence, including fan support, weather and kick-off In game turn tracker, weather results, kick-off results, injuries and the all-important touchdowns


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Blood Bowl: My Dugout App Reviews

  • Another GW product left to languish

    By Osiris_Blue
    When app first dropped, I’d have given it at least 4 stars. Yes, there are in-app purchases, etc, but some of the bundles aren’t bad and it did what you needed it to do. Unfortunately the app hasn’t had a single update in over a year. New teams? Nope. New rules? Not a chance. GW shot themselves in the foot by abandoning the app, I’d have kept giving them money...
  • Missing basic functionality

    By Hidden Gamers
    I have had this app since it released as a huge blood bowl fan the idea of having a digital app to track teams was amazing... until I found out there is no team management without needless step by step logging. This is a multimillion dollar company with an amazing fan base and no support for digital applications but pushing DLC. This app review will be changed once it addresses my concerns of actually allowing someone to have a digital team editor in this otherwise this app does nothing but offer dlc purchases where the physical books offer more...
  • How about an update?

    By evoixmr06
    The app works fine, but it’s lacking current teams and effectively USELESS for me. When GW sent the email saying the Chaos teams would be available you would think the app would get an update, but NOPE.
  • Not useful for anyone who’s not just starting

    By rick's dads account
    It’s nice to have an official app that lets you keep your roster up to date but theres no reasonable way to input a team that’s already played some games. In order to get the upgrades for your team, you have to go through the whole process of playing a game, sometimes several times. There should be a way to input team values and star player points for teams that already exist, and until that happens, this app is pretty useless for me. Even if I did have a team that I was just starting, I also wouldn’t even want to have to update the app as the game is happening, which seems to be the intention.
  • I will rate you guys higher when you update

    By Los1180
    It’s been 8 months since the last update. Hoping things get fixed and added on this app that it’s missing. Then and only then will I change my review and invest my money into it. As it stands it doesn’t seem there’s any interest in keeping this relevant from the devs standpoint so they don’t deserve my money.
  • A noble attempt

    By Maestro13us
    Great idea, but there is too much missing to make this useful. If they would put all the teams in here (I play amazons and they are missing), and make the team drafts more customizable and editable, I could use this. Update with fuller content and I will change my rating.
  • Missing so many basics

    By Ethan Crane
    There isn't an undo button. That's the base of expectations you should have for this app. The books have no table of contents either (Not to mention that they're not the full printed versions, which isn't mentioned anywhere) so looking up that one rule can be a pain. Especially if it's referenced in the text as a page that doesn't exist in the stripped out versions available. You can only make league teams with this as well. Want to make an exhibition team for fun? Do it yourself with pen and paper, cuz you can't do it here. For what it's worth, it works well enough for the league team provided you never accidentally hit a button on the obtuse as hell UI. If you do, too bad. No undo, remember? Of course GW has no incentive to improve the app since everything is priced 2-3x as much physically, which they want you to buy instead. Don't do that either, the rules are the same as previous editions anyway.
  • Apps works great, but

    By zaphod182
    I think the app is a great idea but there are a few features missing. First, if you are going to offer Death Zone League teams, allow us to select a friendly match and default out to the D3 for fame, fortune and skip the MVP. Second, give us a way to back up and renter information. Sometimes while playing the game players forget to add things like completions and injuries. Third, allow us to add SPP to players on the roster. This helps when we forget to add an SPP to a player when we are playing and also allows for smaller leagues to accelerate their teams to simulate a few games. Fourth, allow us to add the names and race (just names and race) of the other teams in our league. This would allow us to track the season and let's us look back at games and recall how we did. This would be simple. I am playing a league game, I am playing an Orc team named GoalCrush. Start the game! I know change takes time and I am sure not all these changes will happen. The league I am playing in promoted the app to manage teams but this ended when it came to playing friendly games. With 10 players in this league friendly games are the only way to advance our teams. Thanks,
  • The in app purchasable books are incomplete

    By Hank_T
    My prediction came true. Instead of addressing the problems with the app, they're adding more DLC while the core functionality remains broken. Stay away from this app. If you purchase the Official Rules or the Death Zone eBooks be aware that they do not include any of the neat history and flavor sections you find in the printed book. To make things worse, they didn't adjust page references to compensate for missing pages. Good luck checking page 38 for info on coaching staff. Hint: There is no page 38. The team manager is poorly designed. Why can't I see each players skills when I'm drafting? I don't want to have to click into each position to read the skills. I got the app to save me time and keep me from having to search for things like this. There are also signs of laziness in the app. Why is does my blitzer have his position listed as "blitzers"? Why did they keep the plural? It's a small thing, but it points to corner cutting. And now they're adding more in app purchases before fixing existing problems. This is starting to look like a money grab. Where are the teams of legend? That'll probably be another $1.99 purchase for something that should be in the base product. Get it together GW. The problems are still here after the most recent patch.
  • Not worth it honestly.

    By Ungodlynoob
    Micro transactions, just littered with them. There are plenty of websites/apps that are free and give you the rules to an open source game... for free. As well as team rosters... for free. But, such is games workshop.