Dice with Ellen - A Fun New Dice Game!

Dice with Ellen - A Fun New Dice Game!

By Scopely

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  • Release Date: 2017-03-01
  • Current Version: 5.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 274.46 MB
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 6,043 Reviews)
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Dice with Ellen - A Fun New Dice Game! App Ratings: 4
Total 6,043 Reviews

Dice with Ellen - A Fun New Dice Game! App Description

It’s time to roll the dice… with Ellen! Dice with Ellen is a fun new dice game that lets you play games with friends, family and even Ellen DeGeneres herself! Play head to head against Ellen fans from around the world and see who can score a Five-a-palooza! You can even challenge your favorite members of Ellen’s squad like Portia, tWitch, Jeannie and Andy to win loads of fun prizes. It’s all the fun, excitement and craziness of your favorite TV personality, in a die game! Think you can beat Ellen’s score? Take on Ellen’s Lucky Dice Challenge and if you beat her daily score Ellen’s Lucky Dice are yours to play with for the day! Player’s around the world will know you’re a real high roller when you show up to a game with those Lucky Dice! ===Dice with Ellen Features=== Dice Games with Friends, Ellen and The Ellen Squad! • Play against the Ellen squad to win special dice • Play other dice game fans for more bonus dice rolls and other tools • Dice tournaments give you new challenges and awesome bonuses each and every day! Head to head Games and Social Chat • Head to head games with friends where you can start and continue at any time • Facebook games allow you to play games with friends and family • In-game chats let you heckle your opponents and friends Dice Game Customization • Personalize your game with custom dice, including Ellen’s Lucky Dice! • Show off snazzy profile frames you earn by completing challenges and leveling up achievements Board Game Bonuses • Win bonus dice rolls by playing the in-game scratchers • Activate bonus dice rolls to get an extra boost right when you need it Take on challenges in online dice games with friends and experience a new and exciting social experience in Dice with Ellen! ELLEN is a trademark of Crazy Monkey, Inc. and THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW is a trademark of Crazy Monkey, Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All related characters, materials and other elements of THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW are © Telepictures Productions Inc. (2017)


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Dice with Ellen - A Fun New Dice Game! App Reviews

  • Crashes

    By Amckie1234
    This game is frustrating because it is constantly crashing. Even more disappointing is coming back to see that the same issue has been happening to people for over year. It’s a bummer. The game has a lot of potential.
  • Perkeeb

    By BPerkee
    Stingy with bonus rolls!
  • Fun

    By Wizzlinwings
    Classic and fun!
  • Dice With Ellen

    By Dcts
    Ellen has made a simple game of Yahtzee & tweaked it into a different dice game! I love the game BUT they don't seem to care about all the glitches it has! I want to know why Ellen hasn't said anything about how bad the glitches are in the game!! I wrote this the first couple of weeks when I first started playing! I still think the game is fun but I just read other people's reviews and I have the same issues!! I play on an IPAD and it kicks me out EVERY SINGLE DAY & I have NO idea how many times a day! I wrote them & asked if they had bugs in the app & they told me the same thing about rebooting! I told them I did that EVERY day so that I could TRY & play my games!! ALSO I was already addicted & ive spent more money than I'm even gonna say!! You would think that Ellen would read these reviews & feel bad about this!! You know I wrote to support & I told them I've played Yahtzee ALL my life plus I've played I think it was 478 games here, it might even have been more but I think I made 438 like maybe twice! NEVER 500 & all those tournaments are won by 500+ scored games! Andy I've played him trying to win those black diamond dice & he gets AT LEAST 3 Yahtzee every game so there's NO WAY I can win! And I'm with y'all, I try to get the free dice and I listen to the video and when the video ends my app closes AGAIN and I don't get the free roll! I DO love ❤️Ellen but I think she needs to read these reviews and do something to fix the game and look at our accounts and if we've paid a LOT of money, maybe refund us some of it!! She didn't tell us to spend it, but being kicked off all the time and losing our rolls, we didn't ask for that!! ANOTHER EDIT FOR ELLEN'S DICE GAME This game just keeps getting worse and worse!! I've told their "support" team OVER & OVER for 1 thing ALL the people getting those FREE DICE for their games are ALL 500+ games and I have a LOT of friends who play there & ive played thousands & thousands of games & even with 3 extra Yahtzee's you get a high 400 game but NOT 500. At YouTube it shows you how to get 500 games & 10,000 rolls!! I have NEVER tried either!! You can see my account & my highest game is like 462, I think I've gotten in the 400's maybe 3 times & that's with 3 extra Yahtzee's. Like I said, VERY rare for me LoL BUT do the support team do anything about those SAME people getting 500+ games & getting all the free dice NOOOO!! Instead they are TURNING THE WATCH VIDEO FOR A FREE ROLL OFF!! I just wrote the support team & ask them WHY THE WATCH A VIDEO FOR A FREE ROLL WAS GONE!!! They wrote back and said they had seen my account and I had gotten too many free rolls!!! OH MY GOSH CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT CRAP???? I told them that if I EVER get over like 3 or 4, that the watch video goes off for like 2-3 days!! Right now it has been off for like a week, that's why I asked about it!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY HAD THE NERVE TO TELL ME I WAS GETTING TOO MANY ROLLS!! In an entire week I think the most I ever got was like 8!!! If that's too many ina week then they have lost their minds!! That is what they are concerned about but yet they aren't concerned about the same people getting all these 500+ games, not concerned with people getting kicked off their server, people getting kicked off when they even TRY to get a free roll!! OMG READ ALL THESE PROBLEMS PEOPLE ARE HAVING WITH THE CRASHES but they are just more concerned with people who they think are getting TOO MANY FREE ROLLS???? I buy at LEAST the $19.99 package at LEAST once a month, most of the time TWICE a month!! NOT ANY MORE!! They just got my LAST DOLLAR!! I will NOT buy ANYTHING else there any more!! If ANYONE HAS THE ADDRESS TO ELLEN's STUDIO FOR HER TALK SHOW PLEASE SEND IT TO ME! I THINK ELLEN WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING AT A PLACE THAT HAS HER NAME ON IT!! I INTEND TO LET HER KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!! I TOOK PICTURES OF THE REPLY FROM THEIR SUPPORT TEAM!! Thanks for any help y'all can give me!! THANKS!!😊 This app has gotten VERY boring!! #1 You can't play ANY tournaments because people using the cheat codes from YouTube play them and WIN them!! You can NOT play the tournaments in just a regular old trustworthy fashion and make 500-600 points!! I've been playing since it opened, & used bonus rolls & have gotten 3 Yahtzee's in the game & the most I've EVER gotten is 461... there is NO WAY to get 600 points legally!! In FACT, I don't even think you can get 500 legally!! So I just don't even bother playing the tournaments which is SOOOO UNFAIR to the ones who are playing the game for fun AND don't CHEAT!!!!! THEN we have the dice you can buy with your diamonds!! WHAT A FRIGGING JOKE!! Those SAME dice have been up there for 5 months!! Might even be SIX MONTHS!! People started being stingy with spending their diamonds because they kept thinking NEW !! diamond sets were going to be up there to buy with their diamonds!! I did too!! BUT GUESS WHAT?? NO NEW DICE SETS HAVE BEEN PUT UP THERE TO BUY!!! It's SAD!! VERY DISAPPOINTING!! VERY FRUSTRATING!! I wrote all of that when this game was first made! It’s now, what, 2 years later & the game has gone WAY DOWN HILL!! It’s SOOOO BORING!! There’s nothing exciting to do at all!! They don’t make up any new things to do to make it more interesting!! I don’t think they care AT ALL!! If they did care, they’d make something new & ask for suggestions from the players! The WORST, VERY WORST, is they have the VERY SAME DICE SETS THEY STARTED OUT WITH!! I’ve asked them 100 times when are they going to get NEW DICE SETS and that was OVER a year ago and STILL NO NEW DICE SETS!!!! So that shows me they don’t care!!
  • Grate to play everyday!

    By glitter mia 6
    Very good game for every age and the reason it is 4 stars because it automatic kicks you out, but besides that it is so so fun I am a Ellen fan and I’m 7 so it’s a great game and you can play with your friends if they have the game. There is a lot of people who can play this! That plays with you! So I love this game and it is Yahtzee so FUN!
  • Awful

    By Amiers1626
    Game crashes after challenge rounds. Winning tournaments are never credited to your score. When contacting help desk you are told to restart your device because THAT is the reason for the issue. If you spend money in extras you are also told there is Nothing they can do about it, no refund, no compensation of what you “purchased” and didn’t get. You are basically are out of luck. Half the time the App won’t even load. A total waste of time, space, and money.
  • Fun game

    By Cat4Fly
    My only question is Why does my frame change from the one I choose? This happens quite often!
  • Like game but needs fixes

    By scarry harry
    I continually have problems with it kicking me out. And now, it kicks me out while watching a video for earning dice!! Makes me lose them quite frequently. I am so tired of losing free dice when viewing videos. Most of the time, it kicks me out just as he video is ending and I don't get credit for the dice. You have improved it by not kicking me out very often. The only complaint I have now is the scratchers. Has anyone actually won more than 5 dice? 98% of the time I get nothing. It gets to be a waste of my time to scratch them. Other than that, it is a fun game. What has happened to the new dice designs. Why are there none for holidays since last Halloween? I’m bored with the current selection. And, the scratchers have not improved at all. Update 2018: Still waiting for new dice selections!! Where are the new dice? where are the new dice Choices? Still very, very disappointed that there are no new dice to win or buy. Still waiting for new dice options! Sept 2018. Am I the only one who is not able to get new dice options? So frustrated over no new dice options. What good does it do to have diamonds when you can’t purchase new dice? Dec. 2018. Still no new dice options. 🥵 What use are diamonds if you can’t buy new dice?
  • Love this game, but it’s constantly bugging out on me!!

    By Irish swede
    Luv luv luv anything that Ellen does!
  • Great game, but app crashes

    By Mazda Baby
    I love this game, but sometimes ( like today) I cant even open the app, it just crashes and the app is up to date 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️