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  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2016-12-10
  • Current Version: 1.0.32268
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.01 GB
  • Developer: Zwift, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 533 Reviews)
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Zwift App Ratings: 4
Total 533 Reviews

Zwift App Description

Ride and run in the real world and power your avatar across our virtual worlds. Download Zwift to your supported device, then pair up your Bluetooth enabled bike trainer, cycling power meter, footpod, or supported treadmill and get going. • Try a workout from our library of training plans, world-class workouts, or create your own • Climb an epic mountain, sprint through central London, or sweat through intervals in an Italian villa • Participate in group rides, runs, workouts or races -- over 200 events a day • Train, ride, run any time. Your time, your pace, your place. GO UNLIMITED: • Zwift monthly subscription lets you ride as much as you want for $14.99. Prices may vary from country to country. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account, and your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Running on Zwift is free access for a limited time. Run free, for free. Unlimited miles. SUPPORTED BLUETOOTH HARDWARE: • Cycling Power Meters • Cycling Speed Sensor (for non-smart trainers) • Cycling Cadence Sensor (optional) • Smart Trainers • Running footpods • Select Bluetooth 4.0 Treadmills • Heart Rate strap (optional) SUPPORTED BICYCLE TRAINERS: • Wahoo KICKR & SNAP • Tacx Smart models • Elite B+ models • Kurt Kinetic inRide • Kurt Kinetic Smart • Cycleops Bluetooth models • All classic (non-smart) trainers, with use of a Bluetooth speed sensor SUPPORTED TREADMILLS AND FOOTPODS FOR RUNNING: • BowFlex BXT116/BXT216 treadmills • Any StarTrac treadmills with a bluetooth button • LifeFitness T3 home treadmills • True Fitness Performance 300 • Stryd foot pod • Milestone pod • Polar Stride Sensor • UnderArmour Record Equipped shoes APPLE HEALTH With access to Apple Health, Zwift and save your activity data as well as allow the use of an Apple Watch for realtime heart rate data. Please see Terms of Use at


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Zwift App Reviews

  • Great but wish Apple TV app would feed to Health app

    By Tony Shasta
    Really like the app and it’s a great motivator while riding in doors. Only wish when using the Apple TV app that your data would feed to Apple’s health app. Only way to do this is open the Zwift app from your phone and then screen mirror it to your Apple TV. Please fix/update!
  • Inacurate footpod calibration

    By Kimpk
    Thanks for the nice app. I use a Zwift runpod. Speed gap b/w treadmill and the app is about 1km/h even after the app upgrade with 3-speed calibration.
  • Great app but...

    By MrMarcosMiranda
    Zwift is a phenomenal app. I only wish: 1. Racers intentionally racing in a lower w/Kg category should be disqualified. 2. Racers without HRM should be allowed to participate but DNQ’d 3. Zwift should consider reporting which trainer a racer is using (smart/non-smart) 4. Report which difficulty level a rider is riding in on settings. These changes would bring a more realistic perspective, for those of us pursuing our training and fitness level above hollow victories.
  • Inability to Choose Cycling Location Is LAME!!

    By Brotc
    I can’t believe that paying $15 a month I’m not allowed to select the world location I cycle in. Watopia is by far the best world location. How about making Watopia always available and having a second selectable location that periodically changes? Maybe at one time u might need to put everyone in the same world to keep the world sufficiently populated but now there are more than enough subscribers to keep 2 worlds populated.
  • Used twice, stopped working.

    By anythingthatworks&9
    Does not work with Elite trainers, apparently (known bug). And customer service says they strive to respond in 24 hours...I’m at 72 now and still no response.
  • An Out of this world experience!

    By Tb145
    Love it! Have been a competitive cyclist for 4 years I work full time and have a family with two kiddos. I have heard some good and bad things about zwift from others so I was hesitant to try it. I am pleased to say it’s litterly my favorite app ever! I have been Zwifting for two months now and am so impressed by the quality of the game and the quality of work out I get while Zwifting. Thank you creators of zwift! This is a game changer for my training and my family! Love this app!
  • Apple TV Remote doesn’t work

    By hxghvghb
    The app is pretty much useless on the Apple TV because the remote doesn’t work. I’ve tried the original remote, Logitech remote and Siri remote all with the same results.
  • Let me save you contacting their customer support: it’s your fault.

    By PK32127
    Been with Zwift since almost the beginning. Lately, it has become the most frustrating app I own. First glitch was when their Apple TV version recorded insanely high and inaccurate wattage numbers for me. Contacted them about it. Offered to delete that workout. Was advised that nope, there’s no fix for it. So, without starting over from Level 1, that made the wattage feature useless. It eliminated the value of my wattage charts and comparisons from my feature set. Today, I rode achieving a new level on my Apple TV Zwift app which didn’t correctly register on my laptop. So, I am currently at two different levels depending on which you open. Another annoyance. Contacted Zwift Customer Service and here’s where it gets good - NO ONE responded after waiting over 20 minutes in their chat window. THEN, I get an email from them saying ‘thanks for chatting with me earlier’ and a COMPLETELY FALSELY RECONSTRUCTED conversation. It used my questions of ‘hello?’ And ‘hello, are you there’ and their rep built an entirely fictitious discussion around my comments. Incredible. I guess he meant to impress his bosses or act like we’d interacted for his tally. Unfortunately for him, I’d screenshot the chat window before closing it and sent it to Zwift on Facebook. By the way, h ended up blaming their level glitch on my 100 Mbps internet connection. Funny how I frequently test it to ensure I’m getting that speed and I’ve never had a problem. I guess I can stream 4K movies, but not Zwift. So, for the TL:DR crowd: NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. If you’re okay with losing ride data or having it made useless by faults in their software, go for it. If you’re okay with whatever goes wrong on their end being your fault, go for it. Just know you’ll lose data and be blamed for whatever goes wrong. ‘Ride on’, but don’t expect any customer support or app fixes along your way.
  • Degraded over four years

    By Darren Phaneuf
    I became a Zwift customer in December 2014. I was an avid user of Zwift and logged 8270 miles over a span of 17 days and 8 hours of ride time. Zwift made trainer rides more enjoyable and I enjoyed exploring the maps they deployed. However, I cancelled my membership with Zwift last week for reasons that I want to share as a cautionary tale for new subscribers. This is merely my experience. Hopefully it will help someone else or maybe even get Zwift to adjust their business model. My experience with Zwift degraded rapidly when I began to use it again after the end of the outdoor riding season this year. I logged into Zwift for the first time in five months in October and had to install an update. The update was painful; my Windows laptop bluescreened twice during the installation of the update. Eventually I was able to get logged in but noticed it was taking far longer to load than previously. I reached out to Zwift and was told it was because of my internet connection (the same connection that previously worked fine) or issues with my laptop (which had always worked fine for Zwift in the past and worked fine for every other application). Zwift support gave me no tangible actions I could take. They essentially said it wasn’t their fault even though they spent no time trying to validate that it wasn’t their issue. The deployment of the new New York map ended up being my biggest challenge with Zwift. I loaded yet another update (a couple more bluescreens and hours of my time) and eventually made it to the New York map only to discover there were no flat riding options. I contacted Zwift support once again but they responded by listing the “flat” New York ride routes (something I had already done using basic math). One of those was 7.1 miles with 465 feet of climbing. That's 65 feet of climbing per mile. I pointed out that stages of this year’s Tour de France were listed as hilly that had less climbing than the new Zwift New York “flat” option. I pointed out that the "flat" Astoria Line 8 had more feet per mile of climbing than a hilly stage at the Tour. Even more interesting, another “flat” option Zwift support listed was one that I was literally riding when I contacted them. They hadn’t even bothered to ask what I had done or looked to see what I had already ridden; they simply fired off a canned response. The reality is that every cyclist occasionally wants (and sometimes needs) a flat ride route. The fact that Zwift rolled out an entirely new map without a flat ride option showed that they weren’t contemplating what their customers needed; they simply ignored the reality that not every rider wants to go out and climb on every ride. To me, this constituted a significant design flaw and a major failure of a large Zwift project but they simply brushed my feedback under the carpet and said they were sorry I found the map challenging. They noted it would take months to fix (something I already knew) but never addressed why they would roll out a new map that they knew would take months to fix that lacked something as simple as a flat route option. The last straw for me with Zwift came with the recent price increase to $15/month. As my computer was bluescreening during Zwift patches and as I would load up Zwift only to discover it was a New York map day (and my ride choice wouldn’t include a flat ride), it was essentially a slap in the face. Their product now contained a major design flaw and the application itself was now cumbersome but they insisted on charging me 50% more. I cancelled my membership after contacting them once more and having them tell me there was nothing they could do as the problems were my expectations to be able to ride a flat option and my hardware. They never once asked anything about my setup. They never once considered that four years of .fit files, .log files, and dozens of patches might have actually caused some instability in their product. I simply don’t want to do business with a company who blames their customers as a first response when problems arise. That’s just not a good way to do business.
  • One complaint

    By JL546
    Love zwift! Just started using it for the first time. I am upset that my 7 day free trial was only 25 free km. I had to pay on only day 3, while in the middle of a ride. Not cool Zwift. TrainerRoad gave me a free 30 days, so needless to say I’m a little disappointed.