Moleskine Notes

Moleskine Notes

By Moleskine Srl

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2016-04-05
  • Current Version: 2.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 102.57 MB
  • Developer: Moleskine Srl
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    2.5/5 ( 66 Reviews)
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Moleskine Notes App Ratings: 2.5
Total 66 Reviews

Moleskine Notes App Description

Moleskine Notes is designed to be used with the Pen+ smart pen, a range of Paper Tablet smart notebooks and Smart Diary/Planner. Together they define the Moleskine+ Smart Writing System. Moleskine presents a new set of tools to write, draw and work with. A specially designed notebook, smartpen (Pen+) and App that work together to instantly digitize notes and sketches made on paper. Easily create digital text and images and share them right away with your smartphone or tablet. The Moleskine Notes App is the perfect place to keep, find, edit and share your digitized notes. When you use the Pen+ to write or draw on the Paper Tablet your strokes are simultaneously captured and transferred to the App. In the App, use tags keep your ideas organized. Edit your notes using colors to highlight key ideas or correct a mistake. Sync you content or ideas to your Google Drive and Evernote clouds to ensure your thoughts and documents are always connected. You can also pair your handwritten notes with real-time audio recording and replay your synced notes and voice recordings straight from the App. --------- Highlights --------- The Moleskine Notes App is part of the Moleskine Smart Writing Set. The set has the following capabilities: Digital Storage: Moleskine Pen+ is a smartpen that writes on paper but also mirrors into smart devices. The pressure recognition of pen tip is very sensitive. So your handwritten notes and sketches have just as much detail as your physical ones! Transcribe & Search handwritten notes: Your handwritten notes can transcribe into digital text through MyScript’s engine. Once handwritten text is transcribed into digital text, you can export the data, tag content, or search by note pages. Your search results will display notes on the screen. Easy Share: Your handwritten contents can be shared via the app and SNS, and can be sent email by a single pen-action. Record & Playback: Playback the pen stroke data or the audio file that is synced with the strokes. A digital version of your stroke data and audio will be stored in the App and will be accessible anywhere you go. While you record your voice during writing, you can replay your written notes and recorded voice simultaneously according to the timeline.  Data reproduction: Your drawing can be exported in a scale-able image format, namely SVG or PNG or JPG, which allows you to reproduce them. Internal Memory: Moleskine Pen+ can store up to 1,000 pages (5 Notebooks) by itself without being connected to smart devices. Once you connect Moleskine Pen+ to smart device, the app will automatically archive the notes by date, location and page.


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Moleskine Notes App Reviews

  • Doesn’t Work With Office365 (OneNote)

    By westerdave
    I just purchased the Pen + Ellipsis and tried to link this app to save written notes to OneNote which is part of my Company’s Office365 subscription. I’ve come to discover that this will only work with personal Microsoft OneNote accounts, which makes it worthless in a business setting (at least for my purposes). I was able to get the windows app to recognize my corporate account but it isn’t compatible with OneNote. I did plenty of research and this was not readily apparent anywhere. I found language well into the support site while trying to troubleshoot. Just got off the phone with Moleskine support to learn that none of this is returnable because the package has been opened.
  • Just another overly complicated writing app

    By Justinr9999
    It syncs with Evernote and some others, but they require access to read your notes and the privacy agreement was broad and complex, in addition to the fact that I had to agree to something they did not provide a link to read. Sounds like a scam to mine my notes. The app itself does not do handwriting transcription, so you might as well just take pictures for free of your notebook pages because that’s all you get out of this device. Your notes won’t be searchable, but they will be backed up. This may be worth it for some, but for me I’d rather use my pencil and a plain old notebook and take pictures of very important pages for backup rather than complicate my life with pen charging, etc. What if I lose my pen or leave it at home/work? Additionally, the notebook has pages protruding from the sides to make it appear like a tablet (lame). Without hard cover protection, these will only get destroyed in my backpack and daily life, much as the robust edges of the old style notebook. I’m returning the pen and the notebook. Poor design, poor implementation, lack of features. This seems more like a public beta test to me. Once features to transcribe my handwriting are implemented so I can search my notes, I’ll give it another shot.
  • Needs to synchronize

    By DebDAG
    Though I love the concept, this app needs to synchronize between my iPhone and my iPsd.
  • Close but no

    By JKHewett
    The pen works great and syncs to the app without a problem. The calendar integration works well. The problem comes when you try to share with any other application. It doesn’t matter if you try as txt, pdf, or graphic the app cannot share to any other application. My reason for trying this app was to take notes that could be shared with my team. No such luck.
  • Book Disappeared

    By Symphony2
    My third Moleskine book disappeared. When I synched my pen it began to overwrite a previous book, thereby making those pages unreadable.
  • Horrible

    By AIAA
    I just got this 2 days ago. I don’t even know where to begin, and how to describe the let down. Want to start off by saying that I never have taken the time to write a review , but this was so disappointing I felt compelled to write something. The app is not very intuitive, it’s hard to get good instruction on what does what , seems to be very little effort on the company’s part to make things clear. My huge complaint is the actual functionality of the whole system. Writing recognition is a total disaster! I bot the smart planner and wether I write in block letters or in script, it doesn’t even come close to being an accurate transcript. I tried everything, read instructions, adjusted angle of the pen, you name it, I did it. Just did not work. There is no sense in it synching right away with Ical, if each and every time, you have to correct the entry! It’s crazy bad. Hopefully I get my money back, if not, chalk it up another failed writing/digital system. I am A huge Moleskine fan, but the smart writing system is a huge fail.
  • This app is an absolute disaster

    By TheDanBurkhardt
    Nevermind that this app is just a lazily forked and re-branded version of Neo Smartpen app, it’s an unmitigated disaster at doing the very thing smart pens are supposed to be useful for- backing up and digitizing notes. I invested in 5 moleskine Ncode notebooks and this app doesn’t tell the difference between any of them. If I use two notebooks of the same type, I have to lock one, and then unlock the other. This process is HORRENDOUS. No shortcuts through Siri or a widget app or anything else to make it simpler. To make it worse, backups to Google drive are spotty and totally non-functioning for me for the past several weeks. Numerous other notes: - The design of this app looks like it came straight out of iOS6. The UI is a disaster. The scroll wheel interface is garbage, time-wasting and frequently overscrolls - Backup is garbage - Notifications are non existent. The app isn’t smart enough to remind you if you haven’t backed up to cloud in a while and doesn’t let you know if your account is disconnected. - Interaction with the pen is through a UIAlert!? What is happening here??? Why, why would you do that? It’s the roughest and least user friendly product I’ve ever encountered tried to a major brand. Moleskine should be embarrassed to be associated with this application.
  • Need moleskine pen

    By RogerCa
    Can’t use it on my iPad with Apple Pencil, it wont let me use the app until I set it up with a moleskine pen which I don’t own nor I intend to do, making my way back to notability as I’m typing this review. I’d like for he devs to work on an app like notability with all its features but with TH moleskine looks, I use actions and Timepage for a while now and absolutely love them, moleskine looks are classy and great and this app is a missed opportunity that I wish they turn around. The day you folks make that happen I’ll be using that app.
  • Not working

    By Pom1965
    Fail to let user calibrate the pen. Not working since the beginning. Unbelievably poor product from a top stationary company.
  • Captures look like chicken marks

    By aathanas
    This app and the pen seem to be useless. Certainly not value for money. The captured files look like chicken marks, the search doesn’t work and the pen is a plain old ball point that is not a pleasant writing experience. Hugely disappointing from Moleskin.