Pokémon Duel

Pokémon Duel

By The Pokemon Company

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-01-24
  • Current Version: 6.2.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 260.99 MB
  • Developer: The Pokemon Company
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    3.5/5 ( 16,596 Reviews)
  • Price:
Pokémon Duel App Ratings: 3.5
Total 16,596 Reviews

Pokémon Duel App Description

It's a Pokémon board game! Get matched up in real time and join a duel now! ■ Intro Pokémon Duel is a strategy board game that uses Pokémon figures. Build a deck with your favorite figures and then leap into a League Match! Compete with players from around the world for a chance to enter the top League rankings in League Matches. You'll fight your rivals in real time! Win duels, get all kinds of cool figures and items, and make your deck stronger! The rules are simple! The object is to be the first player to get one of your figures to your opponent's goal. How will you get to the goal? You'll need to carefully choose your route! In duels, you and your opponent take turns moving your figures. Set up a strategic formation and attack your opponent, or simply block their path—it's all about tactics! Plan your strategy and defeat your opponents in this game of cat and mouse! In duels, your deck is composed of 6 Pokémon figures. There are all kinds of figures, each with different moves and abilities. Keep this in mind as you build your own custom deck! Make use of your custom deck and the AI! The AI is a reliable ally who will determine good moves and take your turn for you. Make full use of the AI and crush your opponents! ■ Notes - Terms of Use Please read the Terms of Use before using this application. - Device settings You may not be able to launch this application, depending on your device’s settings and/or how it is used. In order to maintain fairness among players, some functions may become inaccessible if certain operations (such as jailbreaking) have been performed. - Before making purchases iOS version 8 or higher is required for this application. Available features may depend on your device’s iOS version. Please make sure that you can use the free-of-charge features of this product with no issues on your device before you make purchases. Certain devices and/or configurations may also cause the application to fail to work. - For inquiries Please visit support.pokemon.com to report issues about Pokémon Duel.


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Pokémon Duel App Reviews

  • Did not get Pokémon

    By joeeast4408
    I got a mega gardivour and a mega blazicken from a booster and it did not give it to me
  • Unfair moves, Unbalanced ranking system, Timet

    By lostmice
    This game is definitely a lot of fun. When you get misses you get a little frustrated. But what made me really mad was when my Z-Move lost to a 40 damage attack. I literally was so confused when my Z-Move got beaten by an attack that was 3 times less than my Z-Move. Also, there’s Pokémon with ridiculously stupid moves like Lunala or Mega Salamance. Being able to knock out every Pokémon they fly over which is Unbalanced. Being able to cut any moves in half which is Stupid. If it were to be like the Pokémon games, I think it’d be more fair. The game would be way more fun if it was actually balanced where fly can’t take out 2-1 Pokémon through one turn. Some of these moves should also not be able to be a purple attack, Aura sphere, Cyclone Kick, etc. Those moves should be white attacks. I think only 1 hit KO moves and status moves should be purple attacks. Another issue that often occurred was that I go up against people 200-500 more points then me. It makes no sense. I go defeat one guy the same rank as me and then I go on some streak of 7 losses because I go against people who has 200-500 points above me. That’s not all, it’s the timer. For some reason when I play ranked, I start thinking I’m gonna win, but when I see I lost because the timer went off. It’s so dumb to put a timer in a strategy game. I know they put it in to stop afk players, but maybe instead of the game being the timer in total, the timer should be 1 min per turn and after every turn the timer starts over.
  • Great game but lost my account!

    By p41NE
    This is a great game but I don’t know how to get my account back from an old broken phone. If the developer sees this can you please help. Thank you.
  • It's a good game

    By watch fairy tail
    But that's when I played it on my tablet so now (on iPhone 5) I can't even play it because it kicks me off when it's downloading on the app.
  • This is not a strategy game...

    By cmk986
    It’s a gamble with a low pay out. Furthermore... If the developers are going to constantly change the meta, then they should be exponentially more generous with new figures The new Z attack does little to balance the shortcomings of the attack wheel
  • It MIGHT be fun

    By Rudich
    I just don’t know, my first impression of the game: Horrible, needlessly complicated controls and UI, making every experience for a newbie completely impossible to predict, “I’ll just drag the figure here, no, guess I tap, wait... push and hold?” Tutorial is a text dump with “push here, read this, now push here...” no natural progression, no understanding do A-Z before we allow you to play the game. Buttons just don’t work (iPhone XR problem??), many controls just don’t DO anything, for example after finishing my first “quest” which I wasn’t allowed to play (I couldn’t use any figures, ONLY use AI), the “end battle” (or whatever it’s called) button just... didn’t do anything. So that’s my VERY important first 10 minute impression of this game, and 99% to be my last.
  • Great but gems need to be more obtainable

    By the pokemongamer2305
    Game’s great but you never have enough gems
  • Needs shirts and made for defense

    By bezxie
    Best game ever! Needs shirts though. What would be creative if you could pick what character you want to be. Like Ash and stuff. Also make a category for the Pokémon that are made for defending. All of the defending Pokémon for me get killed before any Pokémon get sent out to get to the opponent’s goal. And two more things. 1.Please make a thing where your Pokémon battles another of your Pokémon. 2.Lower the amount of things you need to evolve your Pokémon. Thanks!
  • Ranking system has serious flaws

    By Mikeaaaaaaa12634858582626
    Deliberately losing should not reward players. Not only is the normal league rating system ruined because of it, but also the gym event rating system is corrupted as well. A large chunk of the player base abuses this system to get more and easier monthly rewards and exclusive trophies from events. If your a legit player like myself and don't abuse the system then you have felt the unbearable feeling of losing your rating to these players exploiting the system. A simple fix would be to add in safety nets to the league rating and gym event. It's absurdly stupid that this effects the gym cups. They only last for one week and playing in them competitively means going for the top 1200 rating. You basically have to get lucky and not get matched with these people abusing the system if your trying to push for higher rating because losing to them is destroys your rating. It's ruins the fun of playing the game competitively.
  • Wow! It might look boring but it’s actually way better than it looks!

    By jayg151
    This game like the board game “sorry” & chess combined!