Harmony Cloud

Harmony Cloud

By The Melodic Progression Institute LLC

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2016-01-11
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 34.68 MB
  • Developer: The Melodic Progression Institute LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later.
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    5/5 ( 39 Reviews)
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Harmony Cloud App Ratings: 5
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Harmony Cloud App Description

Understanding harmony is an essential skill for any musician. Harmony is the springboard that elevates melodies to their full emotional potential. Harmony Cloud™ is a revolutionary step forward in the world of ear training created by world renowned jazz vibraphonist and music educator Stefon Harris, and software entrepreneur and jazz trombonist Clif Swiggett. It is designed to help all musicians, from beginner to professional, expand their ears, deepen their understanding of harmony, and fearlessly explore the world of improvisation. Its underlying (patent-pending) algorithm stitches together chords you select into an unending source of unpredictable, yet musical, chord progressions. "Listen and Play" lets you immerse yourself in chord progressions and play along with your instrument (or voice). Use it to deepen your intuitive sense of harmony, to practice improvisation, to play by ear, and to improve aspects of your performance including intonation and emotional expressiveness. "Bass Note Practice" teaches you to identify the pitch of the bass note and recognize bass line movements. Bass lines are the foundation of every chord progression and the more accurately and quickly you can hear the bass note, the better. "Chord Quality Practice" deepens your emotional and physical connection to chord qualities including major, minor, diminished, augmented, and sus4. You will learn to recognize these qualities intuitively and reflexively. "Inversions Practice" teaches you to hear the difference between root, first, and second inversions. Inversions are chord voicings that put the tonic, the third, or the fifth of the chord in the bass note. Each inversion is very distinct, beautiful, and has different harmonic tendencies. "Full Chord Practice" lets you combine three essential skills (recognizing bass note, chord quality, and inversion) to fully identify chords quickly, accurately, and completely by ear. "Play Chord Pitches" develops your ability to identify each of the distinct notes in a chord. When a new chord plays, use the keyboard to identify each of its pitches. "Take the Challenge" to test your skill level, go for high scores, and track your progress. Each of the challenges tests one of the essential skills that you've practiced. When you start a challenge, like a musical performance, there’s no stopping, pausing, or restarting midway through. Every challenge is scored. Your scores, as well as other performance stats, are saved so that you can see your progress over time. Harmony Cloud can be tailored to any musician's or teacher’s needs. Chord progressions can range from very simple I, IV, V progressions to progressions that include hundreds of chords. This makes it easy to learn and grow at your own pace. You have control of all aspects of the music including tempo, volume, sounds, key signature, and much more. We invite all musicians to install Harmony Cloud. And be sure to visit the Harmony Cloud YouTube channel for instruction and inspiration.


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Harmony Cloud App Reviews

  • A little confusing at first

    By Draco2023a
    It is a little confusing to use at first, but once you get it, it works great.
  • Great app

    By Kid loves tangled
    Thanks for the response, that makes sense now!
  • Wonderful App! Small Request...

    By Nicholas G. Martinez
    I am incredibly impressed with the development of this application. I had the privilege of seeing a presentation of this app at PASIC 2015 in San Antonio. I have one small suggestion/request. I am colorblind. I have trouble seeing the highlighted note in "Listen and Play". Would it be possible to add more colors so that people with trouble differentiating certain colors can have an easier time? Thank you for the time you put into this tremendous app! 5 Stars!!
  • A Truly Revolutionary Ear Training App

    By Tyler Kaneshiro
    Harmony Cloud is an amazing app! I am a professional trumpet player who graduated from New York University and I use this app in my practice daily. I find that its extensive range of harmony progressions covers a rich, colorful, logical and full spectrum of music. It is easy to use, educational, challenging, and fun! Whether you find yourself a novice or a serious professional, I highly recommend buying this app to further your connection with harmony and music.
  • Indispensable!

    By heylimes
    As a songwriter, this app helps train the ear to identify both intervals, chord qualities and progressions in a quiz-like format that doesn't feel strained or boring. You will improve musically if you use this and in time be able to listen to new music and pick out the bass line and chords used on the fly. For $10 it's a steal. Win. Win.
  • Great App

    By Moosedogdaddy
    Great tool for ear training. Lots of options to set the level from easy to very hard. Intuitive interface.
  • Like Working With Pianist

    By Sax Jonz
    While the other apps and methods for learning may be something we all do as a big part of our practice routines, I believe they lack what this app provides. We tend to think and see our way through our practice routine more than hear. This app definitely puts all the intervals in to a musical context that challenges your ear. I love it, can't stop using it. You can stop reading now, because that's all you really need to hear. I honestly believe this app will change the way you experience music. As a result your musical conversation will be based on a different part of your brain, the part that will make all the difference in your playing. After using this app guided by someone who knows it, I experienced a paradigm shift. I think the only analogy I can use is when one learns another language. They speak it roughly and slowly translating from their language to the language spoken. Once they stop translating and start thinking in that language it flows and they speak much easier. Base your conversation from where it comes from and stop translating!
  • Dope!

    By Smoullier
    Incredible tool to work with
  • Best ear trainer out there!!!

    By R Mc 5555
    Amazing app! Great for ear training! Learn to hear chord qualities and bass lines. The difficulty level ranges from beginner to very difficult. Great for all ages that want to eat train! Only the best from Stefon Harris.
  • Revolutionary app!!!

    By JazzAfficianate
    Music is all about the ear and yet, we don't tend to train it in an effective and natural way. This eartraining app is musical and intuitive. It enables you to develop your ear and harmonic understanding organically. Learn how to feel the music. Simply brilliant!