Apple Configurator 2

Apple Configurator 2

By Apple

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-09-30
  • Current Version: 2.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 60.95 MB
  • Developer: Apple
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.14 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    2.5/5 ( 249 Reviews)
  • Price:
Apple Configurator 2 App Ratings: 2.5
Total 249 Reviews

Apple Configurator 2 App Description

Apple Configurator 2 makes it easy to deploy iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices in your school or business. Use Apple Configurator 2 to quickly configure large numbers of devices connected to your Mac via USB with the settings, apps, and data you specify for your students, employees, or customers. Rebuilt from the ground up, Apple Configurator 2 features a flexible, device-centric design that enables you to configure one or dozens of devices quickly and easily. Simply select a single device or many at once and perform an action. With Apple Configurator 2, you're able to update software, install apps and configuration profiles, rename and change wallpaper on devices, export device information and documents, and much more. You can also inspect any device to see details like serial number and hardware addresses, which apps and profiles are installed, and its console log. Apple Configurator 2 integrates with the Device Enrollment Program to automate MDM enrollment as well as the Volume Purchase Program to seamlessly distribute apps from the App Store. The all-new Prepare assistant makes it easy to supervise and configure a cart of iPads for the classroom or quickly enroll a large number of devices in your MDM server for ongoing management. The built-in configuration profile editor supports creating and editing profiles with the latest iOS settings. If you’re configuring devices in an environment where consistency is critical, Blueprints allow you to create a custom configuration for your devices that can be applied with one click. A Blueprint is a template device to which you add configuration profiles and apps and perform actions, just like you would to a connected physical device. Fully automate Apple Configurator 2 and integrate its capabilities into your existing device management workflows using the included command-line tool, AppleScript scripting library, or Automator Actions.  Support for iCloud Drive enables you to keep your configuration profiles and other settings consistent across multiple Configurator stations.


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Apple Configurator 2 App Reviews

  • Nice application

    By who*knows
    I had no problems getting the app running on 10.14. I did not experience any of the issues mentioned in the negetive reviews.
  • No download

    By GilHero
    I tried to download this app and nothing happends. I wanted to configure my IOS desktops. Nothing happing.
  • Bug to Fix

    By Xillio
    Cannot find any new app updates
  • Need to Scan Apps for Malware prior to Installing

    By TheHadouJHyrule
    Please add a feature to downlaod iOS apps to macOS local storage, so they can be scanned by my Anti-Malware clients! I want to at least make sure they're safe before I install them!
  • Impressively unintuitive

    By nixallover
    I'm only using this application to try to rearrange my iphone screen, but it's impressively difficult to do that. It was difficult to find where I could edit the screens in the first place. I've accidentally cancelled my work 3 times, and a lot of things that seem like they should be easy (like ungrouping applications) I'm still lost on. This application could definitely use some UX love if it's the only way (besides on the phone itself, which is incredibly time consuming) to re-organize iphone screens.
  • Works fine but NOT as functional as iTunes used to be.

    By onefang7525
    Before the PRO fans start slamming my review... I reviewed both postive & negative reviews before downloading this app and BOTH were helpful. I am a Game Developer and have HUNDREDS of Games & Apps on my various devices. The older versions of iTunes made it extremely easy for bulk folder and icon organization. Apple Configurator 2 offers 30-40% of the same functionality but has real UI/UX issues and isn't at all user friendly at launch (no on-boarding at all). The PRO's & CON's: 1) Actions > Modify Home Screen - 2 clicks away from the key action needed for organinzing lots of apps. This should be the main screen (not the screen that randomly shows ALL apps). Once you know where it is (thanks to a Reviewers comments) it's fine but you have to reload this screen for EACH Folder update. 2) Home Screen Popup - Another reviewer mentioned this: the bottom row of icons are cut off (it resizes AFTER you modify something but reloads cut-off images after the user Applies any changes). Icons are really small and the popup window is locked at one size and can't be enlarged (no matter how large your monitor is). 3) Organization is limited to 1 screen at a time - I have multiple Home Screens fully loaded with Folders full of Games & Apps . Configurator allows me to modify 1 Folder at a time but I can't move apps OUT of the current Folder and into another Folder. I can't move Home Screens around and individual icons don't automatically shift around if I move more icons than space allows (iTunes allowed this). 4) Lacks fluidity & features of original iTunes app - this is THE key issue. Basic features still available in iTunes 8 (we're on 12 now) don't exist in Configurator 2. It allows for basic organization of items but bulk adjustments require a LOT of back-and-forth between Device & Configurator to get things done faster. In short: this app does the BASICS but Apple spent a lot of time training users on the iTunes functionality and Configurator falls far short of that. What it has works fine (and is probably great for IT professionals) but it's nowhere near the level of Apple's original functionality for every day users. If this is a Business App then great...if this is intended for the millions of users Apple abandoned when pulling the functionality from iTunes then it falls VERY short of the former product.
  • Learn the App before you give it bad marks!

    By Sean Patience
    This app lets you do what you use to do in iTunes, rearranging apps on your devices from your Mac . Learn the app before you give it bad marks people. Everyone is complaining that you cant rearrange your apps on your iPhone or iPad. go to Actions, Modify, Home screen layout. One person wrote “PERHAPS APPLE'S worst application” NO, you just don’t know how to use it!!! How many other good apps have I missed from people giving bad reviews because THEY JUST DIDN’T UNDERSTAND OR TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN IT. BUG
  • Apples biggest dissappoitment

    By BodyByEthan
    I can barely even get this app to open and run. Certainly never can do anything except crash

    By Eli Carpenter
    It is the best mobile device management app for iOS devices! And it’s FREE! so I don’t get why so many people hate this app.
  • very poor UI

    By Htonsh
    regarding apps arrangment, it needs a lot of improvemnt to just be as itunes was