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  • Release Date: 2015-08-06
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Moodnotes App Ratings: 4.5
Total 5,650 Reviews

Moodnotes App Description

Capture your mood and improve your thinking habits through an innovative approach to journaling! Moodnotes empowers you to track your mood over time, avoid common thinking traps, and develop perspectives associated with increased happiness and well-being. ustwo studio (creators of Monument Valley) and Thriveport’s clinical psychologist founders (creators of MoodKit) have partnered to bring you Moodnotes! This one-of-a-kind app is grounded in the scientifically-supported content of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and positive psychology. Includes Apple Watch app and iCloud sync/backup. Moodnotes helps you to: ● Track your mood and identify what influences it ● Develop healthier thinking habits ● Learn about “traps” in your thinking and how to avoid them ● Bring new, helpful perspectives to situations ● Increase your self-awareness ● Reduce your distress and enhance your sense of well-being Exclusively featured by Apple in the App Store Today tab story "All The Feels." One of Tech Insider's "100 World's Greatest Apps" and exclusively featured in Wired, The Guardian, Business Insider, Fast Company, TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Mindful, Mashable, Vogue, and more. Fast Company's 2016 Innovation By Design Awards finalist.


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Moodnotes App Reviews

  • The Perfect App To Learn More About Yourself

    By LuigiMScollo
    I started writing all my thoughts down in MoodNotes about three weeks ago, hoping to start recognizing patterns in my behaviors, what triggers them and how to manage them; I never expected to learn so much about myself, but the Thinking Traps have helped me recognize extremely important additional behaviors I would have missed and have taught me how to manage them. I have never done anything like this before and I must say, it has been liberating, educational and 100% useful in recognizing bad behaviors, learning how to manage them and eventually overcoming the lifelong bad habits; I feel free, I don’t feel the weight on my shoulders that I had before and I now control my moods rather than my moods control me. I can’t thank you enough, my wife thanks you and my children thank you. You may have just saved our 12 year marriage (19 years together); at the very least MoodNotes improved my moods, which improved the quality of our communication which in turn improved the quality of our marriage one hundred fold. Great App! But now that I’ve gotten familiar with it I must say I would love to see more graphs under insights or at the very least the ability to click on more granular details. I feel I have entered a lot of data in the last three weeks (over 60 pages worth) and would love to be able to do more with it. It just doesn’t feel like I’m getting enough out of the insights graphs compared to the amount of data entered. On the Moodtrends section, having one line (mood value) per day and nothing more seems like a waste of space when a simple line graph would give me a more complete picture of the week, month and year. Also, I loved the advice regarding the thinking traps, but would definitely love to see much more of that. Thanks again for making such a great app, I will also be downloading MoodKit next to see what additional features that app offers. Excellent job!!! Luigi M. Scollo
  • Therapist in my hand

    By Pine Bark
    So revealing to see patterns in my moods. I love the options to choose from a variety of moods, because sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what you’re feeling. It’s amazing to see how easily I can change my perspective after a few prompts. It’s more helpful than journaling. It’s like having a counselor, teacher and good friend that are with you all the time!
  • Amazing

    By Climax510
    Better than having a therapist. My wife and I use ours daily. Also use Moodfit. Amazing amazing amazing. Both are a must have.
  • Yes

    By blockbreaker fan
    Helped me so much on bad or good days love it
  • Reframing has been difficult for me until now

    By Kisbel65
    I have a background in psychology, but work in another field. I love CBT but have always had trouble with reframing. This app makes reframing easier. As well, I notice a lighter mood after I reframe!
  • Great but could have more integrations

    By KennethRussell
    I really like how simple Moodnotes is but I don’t like how I have to open the app and click the plus button to add a mood. I wish Moodnotes had a widget where you could add an entry quickly and add details later. I also wish there was an Apple Watch app. Sometimes I have strong feelings in meetings and I would love to be able to record it without having to log it in my phone.

    By Boom Shaka Laka 123
    I really do. There are so many great things I can say about it. I’m sure you guys already know how great it is though with all the rave reviews. I hope you guys actually read these comments because I wanted to suggest two features that could make the experience even more enjoyable. Feature #1- Having a Dark Mode setting since iOS doesn’t have dark mode yet. I like to use this app before I close my eyes as it’s nice to get any last thoughts out before bed. Problem is, even with my phone on the lowest setting, the app is still very bright. I work hard the last two hours of my day to stay away from screens and bright lights and I feel that sometimes the brightness messes with that progress a bit. Feature #2- It would be awesome if you could make a graph or chart showing the average of how much our emotions change after we reassess thoughts. I hope I can explain this better by giving an example: If I’m feeling anxious, let’s say 75% anxiety, but I rethink my thought and the percentage goes down to 25%, then I’ll know it went down by 50%. I know the app shows this already per entry, but it’d be awesome to see the average amount on the Insights page. If I’m often feeling anxious while using the negative filtering trap, but my anxiety goes down after I finish the entry, I’ll get to see the average percentage of how much my negative thinking is affecting that specific emotion. And let’s say I tend to feel insecure while using a certain trap, but after my entry those emotions go down while my tired percentage goes up, I could see a chart showcasing what’s really going on when I think I’m feeling a certain way. This info is already kind of on the app, but it’d be nice knowing just how much of a difference reassessing myself changes my perception. Even if you don’t include these things, I’ll continue to use the app often, and I’ll continue to gift it to others. Thanks so much for creating something that works very well, and that helps change the way people approach their world.
  • Underwhelming. I regret buying and would like a refund

    Im revising my review, (And not because it was poorly constructed and written) but because i never use this app, and the reason is that it's just too simple to be really useful. I've already suggested ways to improve the app, and received a response that my ideas were good and were being considered(and some ideas already in the works) but that apparently was just the app developers humoring me on. Nothing has improved. (Btw the app uses the word trap, but im more used to using the word distortion, but they are interchangeable, although i think distortions is a better description) I will explain now what the biggest thing missing is, and it's really just a small thing, but makes a world of difference. The main work using the app is when you 1 describe a thought 2 identify thinking traps 3 reevaluate the thought without the traps. So what's missing? Well, I'll give a made up scenario 1)thought: i haven't been successful at work, my boss is going to want to fire me, I'm a failure. 2)traps: fortune telling, emotional reasoning, catastophizing, etc.. 3)reevaluate thought: I'm still feeling unsuccessful and that my job is in jeopardy, and i still feel like a bumb. (And not only that, but there should be a percentage for thoughts, how much do you believe your thought before and after you identified distortions, besides there should be multiple sections for thoughts where you can break them up into seperate statements, to easier analyze long complicated thoughts, each sentence within possibly containing several traps/distortions) Step 3 is a bit rushed. Some steps have been skipped. Firstly, yes i see there are traps/distortions, but where and what are the traps/distortions exactly? Before step 3:reevaluate thought Should be, like this Step 3, Fortune telling(based on users choice): how have you been fortune telling? Well, i don't know for a fact that my boss will fire me, also I'm mind reading, he may be happy with my performance. Emotional reasoning: i feel like a loser but that's just a feeling, when i look at my work more objectively it may be said to be a bit below par but far from being a failure. Catastophizing: like i said above, I'm exaggerating how bad my performance has been. It hasn't been so bad that it would label me a failure. I can't just skip the step where i explain what my distortions are, and go on to write a new thought. So basically i never use the app, but it's sad cause i believe it would just take a little tweaking to make it so much more useful. Its not the only improvement i could think of but the most significant and easiest i would imagine to implement, and would make this app worth using for me, but as of now i have not really been using it, its easier for me to just write in a journal. So id appreciate the fix and if not id appreciate a refund actually, that would nice too. I feel like i took a chance with this app and im still hoping it can be fixed and im actually listened to and not just humored on.
  • A great start

    By Jared is sexy
    I’ve been working with my therapist for almost a year and have been using this app for about half that time. This is especially helpful for me because I’m working on being more mindful and using this as a journal allows me to easily track how I’ve been doing and remember the things I’ve done and how I felt. Just this simple change of taking a few moments to write whatever I’m thinking about and what I’m up to has allowed me to better understand myself. Plus it’s neat to be able to see the charts and the follow up questions are very good™️
  • I adore this app

    By AMBootz
    At the request of my therapist, I’ve been using this app for the past few months to log my feelings and thoughts, and to subject them to scrutiny using the CBT framework. The UX is seamless and it’s one of the few apps I keep open on my phone all day. Highly encourage people in therapy, and outside frankly, to use. It’s provided me a level of introspection and insight into my emotional landscape that I was never able to reliably access before. Great job, guys!